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p. a13


A prayer to Lightning, for happiness

1Homage to thee, the Lightning's flash, homage to thee, the
  Thunder's roar!
  Homage to thee, the Stone which thou hurlest against the
2Homage to thee, Child of the Flood whence thou collectest fer-
   vent heat!
  Be gracious to our bodies, give our children happiness and
3Yea, homage be to thee, O Offspring of the Flood! Homage we
   pay to thee, the dart and fiery flame:
  For well we know thy secret and sublimest home, where thou as
   central point art buried in the sea.
4Thou, Arrow, which the host of Gods created, making it strong
   and mighty for the shooting,
  Be gracious, lauded thus, to our assembly. To thee, that Arrow,.
   be our homage, Goddess!

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