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To Indra and Agni, for the detection and destruction of evil spirits

1Bring the Kimidin hither, bring the Yātudhāna self-declared
  For Agni, God, thou, lauded, hast become the Dasyu's
2O Jātavedas, Lord Supreme, controller of our bodies, taste
  The butter, Agni, taste the oil: make thou the Yātudhānas
3Let Yātudhānas mourn, let all greedy Kimidins weep and
  And, Agni, Indra, may ye both accept this sacrifice of ours. p. a8
4May Agni seize upon them first, may strong-armed Indra drive
   them forth:
  Let every wicked sorcerer come hither and say, Here am I.
5Let us behold thy strength, O Jātavedas. Viewer of men, tell us
   the Yātudhānas.
  Burnt by thy heat and making declaration let all approach this
   sacrifice before thee.
6O Jātavedas, seize, on them: for our advantage art thou born:
  Agni, be thou our messenger and make the Yātudhānas wail.
7O Agni, bring thou hitherward the Yātudhānas bound and
  And afterward let Indra tear their heads off with his thunder-

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