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THE charted observation which an astrologer makes of the state of the heavens at the hour of a child's birth and from which he seeks to determine the events of the child's life. By Initiates, the planetary aspects at the moment of birth are considered of utmost importance. In ancient times Astrology was regarded as one of the most sacred of the sciences and was taught only to those Initiates admitted to the Greater Mysteries, for it was considered essential that the astrologer should have such spiritual discernment as would enable him to check any astrological calculations by visualising the effect of the planetary influences playing at any moment upon the native or person for whom the horoscope was cast. As the ebb and flow of the tides are due to the influence of the moon, so the currents in man's superphysical bodies are subject to planetary influence and their fludtuations are visible to the seer.

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