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p. 413

The following advertisements followed the original text of the book. These are included for completeness.

BOOKS Printed for Walter Kettilby.

HEnrici Mori Cantabrigiensis Opera omnia, turn quæ Latinè, turn quæ Anglicè scripta sunt; nunc verò Latinitate donata Instigatu & Impensis Generosissimi Juvenis Johannis Cockshuti Nobilis Angli, 3. Vol. Fol.

. . . . . ’s Exposition upon Daniel. quart.

. . . . . ’s Exposition upon the Revelations. quart.

. . . . . ’s Answer to several Remarks upon his Expositions upon Daniel, and the Revelations. quart.

. . . . . ’s Notes upon Daniel and the Revelations. quart.

. . . . . ’s Paralipomena Prophetica, containing several Supplements and Defences of his Expositions. quart.

. . . . . ’s Confutation of Judiciary Astrology against Butler. quart.

. . . . . ’s Brief Discourse of the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of Christ, in the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist. 40. stitcht.

. . . . . ’s Reply to the Answer to his Antidote against Idolatry. oct.

. . . . . ’s Remarks upon Judge Hales of Fluid Bodies. oct.

The Theory of the Earth, &c. the two first Books, concerning the Deluge, and concerning Paradise. Fol.

Telluris Theoria Sacra, &c. Libri duo Priores de Diluvio & Paradiso. quarto.

Libri duo Posteriores de Conflagration Mundi, & de futuro Rerum Statu. quart.

Dr. Goodal's Royal Colledge of Physicians. quart.

Sydenham Opera Universa Medico. oct.

Ent. de Circuitione Sanguinis. oct.

Charleton de Causis Catameniorum & uteri Rheumatismo. oct.

Mr. L’Emery's Course of Chymistry. oct.

An Answer to Harvey's Conclave of Physicians.

Dr. Scott's Christian Life, in 3. Vol.

Dr. Falkner's Libertas Ecclesiastica. oct.

. . . . . ’s Vindication of Liturgies. oct.

. . . . . ’s Christian Loyalty. oct.

Dr. Fowler's Libertas Evangelica. oct.

Dr. Kidder's Christian Sufferer. oct.

Mr. W. Allen's Twelve several Tracts, in 4. Vol. oct.


Lately Printed.

Mr. W. Allen's Nature, Series, and Order of Occurrences, as they are prophetically represented in the 11th Chapter of the Revelations. oct.

Mr. Raymond's Pattern of Pure and undefiled Religion. oct.

Dr. Worthington's Great duty of Self-resignation. oct. reprinted.

A Relation of the Proceedings at Charter-House, upon occasion of K. James's presenting a Papist to be admitted into that Hospital, by vertue of his Letters Dispensatory. Fol. stitcht.

Mr. Mariott's Sermon, on Easter-day, before the Lord Mayor.

. . . . . ’s Sermon at the Election of the Lord Mayor.

Dr. Pellings Sermon before the K. and Q. at White-hall. Dec. 8. 1689.