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WITHOUT THE ROUSED INTEREST and cordial co-operation of many people this collection of representations of the Earth and its relation to the Universe would have been impossible. For permission to use copyright material I am indebted to D. Appleton and Company, the Clarendon Press, the Cambridge University Press, Cassell & Co., Ltd., Gall and Inglis, the Guiding Star Publishing House, the Kosmon Press, Luzac & Co., Marshall Jones Company, Macmillan & Co., Ltd., Popular Astronomy, Frederick A. Stokes Company, Edward Stanford, Ltd., and the New York World; and also to Col. James Churchward, Dr. E. A. Wallis Budge, Dr. William Fairfield Warren, Mr. Marshall B. Gardner, Miss Mary Elizabeth Litchfield, Mrs. Richard Folkard, and Mrs. Daniel G. Brinton. For assistance in tracing material I owe thanks to various members of the staffs of the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, the Museum of the Hispanic Society of America, the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, the American Geographical Society, the Swedenborg Library of the Church of the New Jerusalem, Brooklyn, the New York Society Library, and the New York Public Library. In various translations I was aided by Dr. Arthur Livingston of Columbia University, and by an unknown member of the staff of the Biblioteca Nacional de Habana. Mr. Andrew Dasberg gave valuable

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suggestions in the choice and arrangement of various figures and plates. Special thanks are due Mrs. Mabel Reber without whose researches through numberless volumes this book would have lacked many of the representations it contains. Special thanks are also due many members of the staff of the New York Public Library in which most of these figures of Earth and the Universe were collected.


September, 1928
New York

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