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p. 159


"Yesterday," Naïs said to me, "I was in the square, when a little girl in scarlet rags and tatters walked up and offered roses to a cluster of young men. And this is what I heard:

'Buy something from me. --Explain yourself, little creature, for we don't know what you're selling: yourself? your roses? or both of them together? --If you buy all these flowers, I will give you mine for nothing.

--And how much do you want for all your roses? --My mother must have six oboli, or I'll be beaten like a bitch. --Follow us and you shall have a drachma. --Then should I go and get my little sister?'

And both of them followed these men. They had no breasts, Bilitis. They did not even know how to smile. They trotted off like kids led to the slaughter."

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