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p. 146


The love of women is more beautiful than all the loves we can experience, and even you would think so, Kleon, if your soul were truly amorous; but you only dream of vanities.

You waste your nights in cherishing these youths, who have no true perception of our worth. Just look at them! How ugly they all are! Compare their round heads to our heavy hair; seek our white breasts upon their hardened chests.

Beside their narrow flanks, take note of our luxuriant haunches, an ample couch, especially hollowed for the lover's use. Say finally what other human lips, if not the ones that they would like to have, can so exalt the pleasures?

You are ill, oh Kleon! but a girl can make you well. Go seek out young Satyra, the daughter of my neighbor Gorgo. Her croup is a rose in the sunlight, and she'll not refuse you the pleasure that she herself prefers.

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