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p. 143


Melixo, with tight-locked legs and body bent, your arms before you, you slip your light and double flute between your wine-wet lips and play above the couch where Teleas still embraces me.

Am I not unwise, I who hire so young a girl to lighten my laborious hours; am I not unkind, I who thus display her nude to my lovers' prying eyes?

No, Melixo, little musician, you are a stalwart friend. Yesterday you did not hesitate to change your flute when I despaired of accomplishing a trying love-affair. But you are safe.

For well I know what you are thinking of. You wait the end of this excessive night, which exasperates you cruelly and in vain, and at the ghost of dawn you'll run the streets with your only friend Psyllos, to your little hollowed couch.

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