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p. 110


You were jealous of us, Gyrinno, over-ardent girl. How many garlands have you had suspended upon the knocker of our door! You waited for our passing and you followed us in the street.

Now you have attained your wish, stretched in the beloved place, your head upon the pillow where the odor of another woman clings. You are taller than she was. Your different body astonishes me.

See, I have finally yielded. Yes, 'tis L You may fondle my breasts, caress my belly, spread my willing knees. All my body is given to your quenchless, tireless lips--alas!

Ah, Gyrinno! my eyes, too, overflow with love. Dry them with your tresses but do not kiss them, oh, my sweet; and hold me tighter to overcome the trembling of my frame.

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