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p. 106


Where were you? --At the florist's. I bought some lovely irises. Behold them, I have brought them just for you. --And you took all that time to buy four flowers? --The merchant kept me waiting.

--Your cheeks are pale, and your eyes are shining. --The weariness of walking such away. --Your hair is wet and tangled. --The heat is great, the wind has tossed my hair.

--Your girdle was untied. I made the knot myself, and not as hard as that. --So loose it opened; a passing slave tied it up for me.

--There is a spot on your dress. --The flowers dripped. --Mnasidika, my little soul, your irises are far more beautiful than can be bought in all of Mytilene. --How well I know it, oh, how well I know!

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