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p. 39


Ares said he would drag
  Hephestus by force
From Poseidon's palace
  Deep down in the sea;
  Where he had fashioned
The cunning throne
  With the secret chains.

He presented the throne,
  Forsooth, as a gift
To the queen of heaven;
  But Hera soon found
  For revenge on her
Who had him cast
  From the home of Gods.

For secure in its clasp
  Of adamant gold
She was held imprisoned,
  The prey of his guile;
  And Hephestus knew
By him alone
  Could the queen be freed.

But the great God of war
  Made boast of his strength;
He would bring the forger
  Of metals and tricks
  On high to release
Hera, and end
  Her enraged despair.

Ares said he would drag
  Hephestus by force,
But was made to waver
  And flee when assailed
  With a blazing brand
By the dark God
  Of the underworld.

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