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Ω θεόί, πίς ἆρα Κύπρις, ἢ τίς ἱμερος
τοῦδε ξνυήψατο.
                       — Sophocles.

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Hither now, O Muses, leaving the golden
House of God unseen in the azure spaces,
Come and breathe on bosom and brow and kindle
             Song like the sunglow;

Come and lift my shaken soul to the sacred
Shadow cast by Helicon's rustling forests;
Sweep on wings of flame from the middle ether,
             Seize and uplift me;

Thrill my heart that throbs with unwonted fervor,
Chasten mouth and throat with immortal kisses,
Till I yield on maddening heights the very
             Breath of my body.

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