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Five Stages of Greek Religion, by Gilbert Murray, [1925], at

Transcriber's Notes

Pages x and 226 are blank in the original.

Ellipses match the original.

The following corrections have been made to the text.

Page 99: if[original has is] he a governor, it is his function

Page 139: some more full-blooded and less critical element[original has critica lelement]

Page 166: ('holy' and '[opening quote missing in original]sacred', or perhaps more exactly 'lawful' and 'tabu')

Page 184: proceeds straight to the traditional[original has traditiona]

Page 227: Antigonus Gonatas[original has Gonatus], [152:1]

Page 228: Chaldaeans[original has Chaldeans], 144, 151

Page 230: Kronos, 45[original has [43:2]]

Page 231: Mommsen, August, [14:1], [17:1],[comma missing in original] [18:1]

Page 232: Pausanias, [27:3], [54:2], passim[original has extraneous period]

Page 233: Plutarch, [27:3], [32:1], [34:2], [54:2], passim[original has extraneous period]

Page 234: Urdummheit,[comma missing in original] 2, 44, 72

Footnote [16:2] A. B. Cook, J. H. S. xiv,[comma missing in original] pp. 153-4

Footnote [28:1] [smooth breathing mark missing in original]Ἱκταῖος are common

Footnote [33:2] Rom. vi.[period missing in original] generally, 3-11

Footnote [53:1] Αθηναία[original has Ἁθηναία] is of course simply 'Athenian'

Footnote [53:1] ἁ ϝ[original has capital digamma—source document has small digamma]άνασσα;—ἁ θιὸς ἁ Γολγία

Footnote [90:1] see Life in Diog.[original has Diorg.] Laert.

Footnote [95:1] Diog.[original has Diorg.] Laert. vi. 96 ff.

Footnote [113:3] φεῦγε τὸ ἀκάτιον[original has κἀάτιον]

Footnote [152:2] Ferguson's Hellenistic Athens, e. g.[period missing in original] p. 108 f.

Footnote [164:3] Gal. iv.[period missing in original] 9

Footnote [197:1] Mullach, Fragmenta Philosophorum, iii.[period missing in original] 7