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p. 70


Iôn of Chios was active between 452 and 421 B.C.

He wrote tragedies, lyrics and other poems; also a philosophical work in prose called Triagmos ('Triad') or Triagmoi.

1. The beginning of my work is: everything is Three and nothing more or less than these three. The virtue of each thing is a Triad: intelligence, strength, luck.

2. (Pythagoras ascribed some of his writings to Orpheus).

3. Luck, that differs greatly from Art, creates many things that are like it.

3a. (The twenty-fifth letter is called Agma).

3b. (Of men) agreeing in their views and sharing the same libations.

4. Thus Pherecydes, who was outstanding in manliness and reverence, even after death has a joyful life for his soul, if the wise Pythagoras had insight concerning all men and knew (them) thoroughly.

Dubious fragment

5. Eleven-stringed lyre, which hast a ten-intervalled range, for a triple melodious way of harmony, before thee the Hellenes used to play a lyre of seven strings with (only) a tetrachord, creating a thin music!

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