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Of the Fear of God.

THEY that fear God least, have the greatest reason to fear him.

A fear of departing from God is a good means to keep us from departing from him.

p. 62

The more we fear God, the less we shall fear men,

They that will not fear God in prosperity, will be afraid of him in adversity.

Means to preserve Mercies.

1. BE thankful for them.
2. Receive them as mercies, not as dues.
3. Prepare to part with them.
4. Expect the continuance of mercies from God; he is the strength of our life, the staff of our bread, the breath of our nostrils, and the length of our days.

Of the Soul.

IT matters not what a man loses, if he saves his soul; but if he loses his soul, it matters not what he saves.

They that are least sensible of their souls wants are most miserable.

It is our greatest wisdom to be watchful over the frame of our spirit--to observe what helps it and what injures it.

If you lose your time, you lose your hopes; and if you lose your hopes, you lose your souls; and when your souls are lost, they shall never be ransomed: when your hopes are lost, they shall never be recovered; and when your time is lost, it shall never be redeemed.

Of Death

THF longest life is a lingering death,
First infancy dies, then childhood, then youth.