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An ensample of Friar Leo, how St. Francis bade him wash the stone

IN the mountain of Alvernia, as St. Francis was I speaking with Friar Leo, St. Francis said: "Friar little sheep, wash this stone with water". Friar Leo hastened to obey and washed the stone with water. Said St. Francis, with great joy and gladness: "Wash it with wine"; and so was it done. " Wash it," said St. Francis, "with oil;" and so was it done. Said St. Francis: "Friar little sheep, wash that stone with balm". Friar Leo replied: "O sweet father, how can I get balm in so wild a place as this is?" St. Francis made answer: "Know, friar little sheep of Christ, that this is the stone where Christ sat when He appeared to me on a time in this very place; and therefore have I said unto thee four times: 'Wash it and hold thy peace '; for Jesus Christ hath promised me four singular graces for my Order. The first is that all those who shall love my Order from their hearts, and the friars who shall persevere, shall by the Divine grace make a good end. The second is that the persecutors of this holy Religion shall be notably

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punished. The third is that no evil man shall be able to remain long in this Order, continuing in his frowardness. The fourth is that this Religion shall last even unto the last judgment."

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