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Miscellaneous Short Christian Texts

These files are articles and translations of short texts related to Christianity taken from various public domain sources, primarily scholarly journals. Because (mainstream) Christianity is the religion that gets the lion's share of internet coverage, and because the nature of is to present texts that are not otherwise available, most of these articles approach Christianity rather obliquely.

For journal title abbreviations, see the Journals page, where all the articles (including non-Christian) are organized according to their sources.

Last updated August 6, 2002.



The Gospel Source Q, Adolf von Harnack's version (OC vol. XXIV, 10, pp. 618-631) [1910]


Inscription of the Nestorian Monument, trans. A. Wylie (OC vol. XXIII, 1, pp. 35-44) [1909]
A Cosmological Tract by Pseudo-Dionysius, trans. Giuseppe Furlani (JRAS 1917, pp. 245-272) [1917]


The Parables of Barlaam and Joasaph (a Christian version of the life of the Buddha), trans. Robert Chalmers (JRAS NS XXIII, pp. 423-449) [1891]


Biographies and Topical Articles:

The Bride of Christ, Paul Carus (OC vol. XXI, 8, pp. 449-464) [1907]
St. Catharine of Alexandria, Paul Carus (OC vol. XXI, 11, pp. 664-677) [1907]
Angelus Silesius, Paul Carus (OC vol. XXII, 5, pp. 291-297) [1908]

Sacred Texts Journals Christianity