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Isaiah Chapter 61

Isaiah 61:2

isa 61:2

acceptable year of the Lord

Observe that Jesus suspended the reading of this passage in the synagogue at Nazareth (Luk 4:16-21) at the comma in the middle of (Isa 61:2). The first advent, therefore, opened the day of grace, "the acceptable year of Jehovah," but does not fulfil the day of vengeance. That will be taken up when Messiah returns (Th2 1:7-10).

Compare (Isa 34:8); (Isa 35:4-10).

The last verse (Isa 61:11), taken with the 4th (Isa 61:4), gives the historic connection: the vengeance precedes the regathering of Israel, and synchronizes with the day of the Lord. (Isa 2:10-22); (Rev 19:11-21); (Isa 63:1-6).

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