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The Scofield Bible Commentary, by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, [1917], at

Isaiah Chapter 45

Isaiah 45:1

isa 45:1


The only instance where the word is applied to a Gentile. Nebuchadnezzar is called the "servant" of Jehovah (Jer 25:9); (Jer 27:6); (Jer 43:10) This, with the designation "My shepherd" (Isa 44:28) also a Messianic title, marks Cyrus as that startling exception, a Gentile type of Christ. The points are:

(1) both are irresistible conquerors of Israel's enemies. (Isa 45:1); (Rev 19:19-21).

(2) both are restorers of the holy city (Isa 44:28); (Zac 14:1-11).

(3) through both is the name of the one true God glorified (Isa 45:6); (Co1 15:28).

Isaiah 45:7

isa 45:7

create evil

Hebrew, "ra" translated "sorrow," "wretchedness," "adversity," "afflictions," "calamities," but never translated sin. God created evil only in the sense that He made sorrow, wretchedness, etc, to be the sure fruits of sin.

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