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The Scofield Bible Commentary, by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, [1917], at

Isaiah Chapter 1

Isaiah 1:2

isa 1:2

Hear, O heavens

The chapter, down to verse 23, states the case of Jehovah against Judah. Chastening, according to Deuteronomy 28, 29, had been visited upon Israel in the land (vs. 5-8 (Isa 1:5-8), and now the time of expulsion from the land is near. But just here Jehovah renews the promise of the Palestinian Covenant of future restoration and exaltation (Isa 1:26); (Isa 1:27); (Isa 2:1-4).

Isaiah 1:9

isa 1:9


Remnant. See (Isa 10:20); (Rom 11:5).

(See Scofield) - (Rom 11:5).

Isaiah 1:13

isa 1:13

Bring no more

(See Scofield) - (Co2 8:1).

Isaiah 1:26

isa 1:26

thy judges

Under the kingdom the ancient method of administering the theocratic government over Israel is to be restored.

Compare (Jdg 2:18); (Mat 19:28).

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