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The following advertisements from 1900 appeared in the original book. They are included for completeness.—JBH.


WHEN THE SLEEPER WAKES. Illustrated. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 50.

"This romance of the twenty-second century," as the London Daily Telegraph says, "will prove absolutely enthralling. The hero goes into a trance in 1900, and when he awakes two centuries later he finds that his property has increased so greatly that he owns more than half the world."

THIRTY STRANGE STORIES. New Edition. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 50.

Creepy, ingenious, original, and more than clever they all are. They fascinate you like the eye of a snake. . . . It would be impossible to find a group of stories that will give the reader more sensations, or hold his attention more firmly .—Boston Herald.

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. With Illustrations. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 50.

One of the conspicuous books of the year, from its striking originality of title and plot.—Washington Times.

THE INVISIBLE MAN. A Grotesque Romance. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 00.

In his audacious imaginative insight into the romantic possibilities underlying the discoveries or the suggestion of modern science Mr. Wells stands unrivalled. . . . It is just like a transcript from real life, recalling the best work of Poe in its accent of sincerity and surpassing it in its felicity of style.—The Spectator, London.



Any of the above works will be sent by mail, postage prepaid, to any part of the United States, Canada, or Mexico, on receipt of the price.

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A KING OF TYRE. A Tale of the Times of Ezra and Nehemiah. 16mo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 00.

Another distinct success in the field of historical fiction. . . . Must be unhesitatingly set down as a highly satisfactory performance.—Boston Beacon.

It is altogether a fresh and enjoyable tale, strong in its situations and stirring in its actions.—Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette.

The picture of the life and manners of that far-away period is carefully and artistically drawn, the plot is full of interest, and the whole treatment of the subject is strikingly original, and there is a dramatic intensity in the story which will at once remind the reader of "Ben-Hur."—Boston Traveller.

THE CAPTAIN OF THE JANIZARIES. A Tale of the Times of Scanderbeg and the Fall of Constantinople. 16mo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 50; 8vo, Paper, 50 cents.

Strong in its central historical character, abounding in incident, rapid and stirring in action, animated and often brilliant in style.—Christian Union, N. Y.

Something new and striking interests us in almost every chapter. The peasantry of the Balkans, the training and government of the Janizaries, the interior of Christian and Moslem camps, the horrors of raids and battles, the violence of the Sultan, the tricks of spies, the exploits of heroes, engage Mr. Ludlow's fluent pen.—N. Y. Tribune.

THAT ANGELIC WOMAN. A Novel. 16mo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 00.

The plot is skilfully drawn, the whole story shows dramatic power, and the conclusion will satisfy those readers who prefer a happy ending of an exciting tale.—Observer, N.Y.

A capital little story. . . . It will take but a couple of hours to read it, and there is no one who will not be all the better for its wholesome lessons.—N. Y. Journal of Commerce.

A charming little story, the delightful companion of the busy reader's leisure hour.—Evangelist. N. Y.




Any of the above works will be sent by mail, postage prepaid, to any part of the United States, Canada, or Mexico, on receipt of the price.