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Dr. Paul Schliemann, the distinguished grandson of the late Dr. Heinrich Schliemann, finder of ancient Troy and one of the world's greatest archaeologists, presents here one of the most remarkable and fascinating narratives of discovery every published.

Atlantis is the legendary continent mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato, who in one of his "conversations" told how the priests of the Egyptian Temple of Sais related to Solon, the great lawmaker the story of its destruction about 9000 years B. C. Atlantis, according to this story, was the home of a great civilized race which had conquered and colonized the world. All civilization had come from it.

What is known as the Dolphin Ridge, an enormous submarine plateau, stretching between 25 and 50 degrees north latitude and 20 to 50 degrees west longitude, is supposed to be its sunken remnants. The Azore Islands are believed to be the top of its lofty mountains--all that now remains above water of the lost continent.

If Dr. Paul Schliemann can prove his points the greatest world mystery will have been untangled, the history of our race must be reconstructed and many enigmas will be answered finally.

It is a curious coincidence that at the time Dr. Schliemann is making known his discoveries an expedition is setting out from England to recover treasure from sunken cities in the Bay of Campeche, off Yucatan. These cities were located by Dr. Ernest Marjolies, after four years in Central America, and he also has evidence which he believes proves them to be part of a colony of Atlantis and sunk in the same convulsion which destroyed the mother country.

Dr. Paul Schliemann's story follows:

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