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♀ (Venus): its Function.

This planet embodies the nature of pure conjugal love. It has in its composition the elements of beauty, elegance, faithfulness, and devotion. It is in the function of the pure and divine instincts, and these ennobling qualities are contributed in degree according to the receptivity of the function of the body in which the planet is found. Venus serves faithfully whatever sign or function she is united to; so if the planet is in an educational or business department, she gives her power and energy to those pursuits, even to leaving the conjugal and domestic sphere to the sway of other planetary influences; her nature being that of love, she is readily turned into the service of dominant functions, and therefore even unites in strengthening and intensifying the passions if they are controlling forces. Venus is therefore a choice gift, and, like riches and many other blessings of life, proves a benefit or injury according to the use one makes of it.

Venus is accountable for many marriages through the natural attraction, produced from its presence in signs corresponding to those in which persons of the opposite sex were born, as illustrated in Mercury, as its influence on the love nature causes an appreciation and

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love for the corresponding principle in others. These marriages are more apt to be harmonious than those caused by the attractions of any other planet.

♀ (Venus) in ♈ (Aries).

This position of Venus contributes ideality, and gives a high ideal of the love life, but frequently produces a dreamy mental state, tending away from practical, everyday life. Their ideal is so exquisite that it frequently causes disappointment and unhappiness in marriage. It intensifies conjugality, but such persons frequently live a single life from inability to find a companion who meets their ideal requirements. It contributes to the mental qualifications requisite to proficiency in music, art, poetry, novel-writing, etc.; but adaptation to such pursuits will be mainly determined by other planetary positions.

♀ (Venus) in ♉ (Taurus).

This position of Venus idealizes the mind in all matters pertaining to the sensations and affections, frequently giving strong, ardent love; but, having its origin in the sensational nature, it is not always enduring, especially when the person is born in a sign or function lacking constancy. It gives a keen sense of pain and pleasure, and, if abnormal conditions exist in the nature of the person, it is apt to create morbid fancies of derangement and disease. It gives strong likes and dislikes; also a love of nature, with a disposition to the study of its phenomena and adaptation to agricultural thought and life.

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♀ (Venus) in ♊ (Gemini).

This position gives great love of study, scientific and scholastic, and tendencies toward materialism. It qualifies such persons for teachers, and sometimes speakers. It turns the love away from the domestic and sexual nature into the intellectual and educational spheres.

♀ (Venus) in ♋ (Cancer).

This concentrates the love nature upon home, family, and children, and is apt to unite its forces with Mars and create an excessive love of home and family. It intensifies the sensitiveness of the innate nature, and is apt to give an intense love for children generally, and all the characteristics given under the sign Cancer.

♀ (Venus) in ♌ (Leo).

This gives the most intense conjugal love, without any direct alliance to mere sex passion. It gives a very strong, ardent, emotional, and even zealous nature, and imparts love of beauty, harmony, and refinement to the spontaneous love attributes; but we must remember that all these good qualities may be inverted by inharmonious conditions or by the natural inclinations of a person. To illustrate, one possessing these choice qualities may meet obstacles and evil and treachery in so many ways, that the law of self-preservation would assert itself, and convert these finer and nobler qualities into their direct opposites; in which case, the greater the prior good, the more conspicuous would the evil appear.

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♀ (Venus) in ♍ (Virgo).

In this position Venus is at home, where her nature finds its most harmonious expression and imparts all its beautiful characteristics to the soul and intuitive nature. She gives faithfulness in love, kindness, sympathy, and devotion in all the affections, uniting them in harmonious expression, and giving intuitive knowledge of the uses and abuses of the sex and love nature. She strengthens and harmonizes the digestive organs and functions, giving a fine, harmonious, and symmetrical physique; but as this position is in the intuitive function, she may come under the influence of the passional nature, when her beautiful qualities may be led captive to the lower sensual principles.

♀ (Venus) in ♎ (Libra).

This gives a strong love of sex indulgence, very fine intuitions, ripens the intellect, and forms a harmonious link between the intuitions and reasoning faculties, unless its powers are unduly turned in sex directions. It strengthens the generative function, increases ideality and love of beauty; but if other conditions incline toward sensuality, it will add its power in that direction.

♀ (Venus) in ♏ (Scorpio).

This contributes its influence to the sex function, and its powers are absorbed therein and its high qualities inverted, unless other powers are sufficiently strong to control. It leaves the nature devoid of conjugality in the finer and higher sense of the term. It is apt to increase hardness, self-will, and combativeness. This

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position of Venus reduces the love nature to a mere animal instinct; therefore under this condition we may not expect to find very loving or harmonious companions. The position may be somewhat counterbalanced in other directions, so as to present the phase of a strong sex love, purifying the ideas concerning sex relations, yet the position is more apt to give weakness than strength to the body.

♀ (Venus) in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This gives a strong, active, and expressive love nature; a love of activity; harmony and grace in movement; love of the beautiful and artistic; and disposition to express love by service to the loved one: it enhances chastity, and greatly increases conjugality; it gives a love for the invisible, and for the interior sciences and spiritual philosophies.

♀ (Venus) in ♑ (Capricorn).

This gives love of business, more than of home and family, or conjugal relations.

It is advisable for persons not to marry under these circumstances, unless other planetary conditions assist in creating true conjugal and domestic inclinations. It then gives power and tenacity for maintenance of home and family. Such persons’ minds are apt to be all absorbed in general business ideas. It adds, however, to the love of music, art, and the beautiful in general.

♀ (Venus) in ♒ (Aquarius).

This turns the love nature into the sphere of the public, giving love of public life, being with crowds,

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and dealing with the many; it inclines one to the theatre, and other places of amusement, and turns the love nature away from home and family relations; it adapts one for trade or travel where they will meet the public.

If other things contribute towards sexual indulgence or abuses, it will then give its whole power in that direction; but if ordinary chastity is maintained, it will add suavity, inclination to fashionable dress, approbativeness and conservativeness, and a great deal of tact in dealing with strangers.

It adds harmony to the motor nerves; gives fine mechanical intuitions; love of music, with ability to compose and perform the same; and also adds somewhat to the love of nature.

♀ (Venus) in ♓ (Pisces).

This gives a love of walking and of physical exercise; a love of study and of knowledge; and sometimes it takes the form of an uneasy, restless desire for something, or to go somewhere, which they cannot explain, even to themselves; and creates uneasiness and dissatisfaction in married life. Where this effect is dominant, it is always seen in the lines of the hand. The line partially surrounding the thumb will have a parallel line on the side next the thumb, but more frequently, numerous small lines will be seen running parallel with this line (which is called the life-line). Where this is seen, we may safely say that there is, or will be, a dissatisfied or confused state existing in the marital relations. Sometimes, however, these lines are produced by other combinations, and the single line expresses a

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single obstacle or barrier in the way of their carrying out their will or inclinations.

Where there is a single parallel line, it indicates that a person will live an inner and an outer life,—one for the public and one for themselves. The length of the line around the thumb indicates the length of the life. If the parallel line runs half-way, beginning at the end next the forefinger, then this obstacle will continue till about half the life is past: thus the length of the parallel line indicates the length of time this obstacle will continue, whether it be a quarter, half, three-quarters, or the whole life. It also indicates at what time of life it will begin, and at what time it will end, by its relative position to the beginning or end of the life-line.

Venus’ position in Pisces frequently produces nervousness and dyspeptic difficulties when the innate nature is of a nervous temperament. If the innate function is Aries, it will be productive of nervous headaches and restless anxiety. If in Gemini, it would be a restless, general nervousness. If in Cancer, it would be apt to create tumors and inflammation of the bowels. If in Virgo, dyspeptic difficulties, and sometimes nervous affections of the eyes. If in Libra, some liability to kidney difficulty; and if a female, affections of the womb and pains across the small of the back. In Sagittarius, it would produce general nervous derangement of the liver and all the internal organs. These derangements do not always occur under these conditions; but where there are extreme difficulties in the family and love life, such effects will be consequent. If Mercury and Venus are both in Pisces, it will occasion dissatisfaction and desire to travel.

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