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"I beheld the moon walking in brightness."--Job xxxi. 26.

"The moon and the stars, which Thou hast ordained."--Psalm viii. 3.

Who is she that looketh forth, fair as the moon?"--Solomon's Song vi. 10.

The precious things put forth by the moon."--Deuteronomy xxxiii. 14.

Soon as the evening shades prevail,
The moon takes up the wondrous tale."--Addison's Ode.

In fall-orbed glory, yonder moon Divine
Rolls through the dark-blue depths."--Southey's Thalaba.

"Queen of the silver bow! by thy pale beam,
  Alone and pensive, I delight to stray,
And watch thy shadow trembling in the stream,
  Or mark the floating clouds that cross thy way;
And while I gaze, thy mild and placid light
  Sheds a soft calm upon my troubled breast:
And oft I think-fair planet of the night--
  That in thy orb the wretched may have rest;
The sufferers of the earth perhaps may go--
  Released by death-to thy benignant sphere;
And the sad children of despair and woe
  Forget in thee their cup of sorrow here.
Oh that I soon may reach thy world serene,
  Poor wearied pilgrim in this toiling scene!"
                                           --Charlotte Smith.

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