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p. 191


Tibetan Song




In the middle of the sea is a high mountain.
The sun is shining on the mountain, on a great plain
The flowers are blooming.
When the sun is shining on the yellow flowers
All men are pleased.
On the mountain are grass and water.
The cows are resting in the grass, water and sun.
On this mountain the evergreens grow always.
The cuckoos are resting in the trees.
The trees are blue, cuckoos are blue, all men are happy.


The snows are everlasting.
There are small and large black tents.
All the lions are tied.
Milk is as the waters of the sea.
The tents are like cliffs.
All the eagles are tied.
Milk is like the sea.
On the plain are the tents great and small.
The deer are all tied.
Their milk is as the sea.

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At the head of this great plain
Are ninety-nine hundred fine horses.
Their saddles are all of gold.
The name of this is beautiful. (All immortals live here.)
In the middle of this plain
Are many herds of cattle.
They all eat from golden stalls.
They are immortal.
At the lower end of this plain, the sheep are herded.
They are all happy and immortal.


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