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p. xiii


The Seven Sons when playing in the forest found a beautiful girl, who was herding a yak



The Frog climbed upon a little bunch of sod and when the Tiger came near, called out: "Hello, where are you going?"

The Donkey, almost covered with the load of wood, did not see the jar, and broke it, spilling all the oil


In that dark old dungeon, with no bed to lie on, no food to eat, in the cold and damp, he was about to starve, when the Rat he had rescued came and asked him how he happened to be in that place


One day he wandered away upon the mountain and lay down and went to sleep, grieving over his troubles


The man now disguised himself as a holy Lama, begging Tsamba and, carrying his prayer wheel and the sack, started for the city


The King of the Beasts at this time was a Lion and every morning all the animals had to come and kotow to him


He went up to the tree where the little Bird sat and said, "If you are my sister, hop on my hand." When the little Bird hopped onto his hand they began to cry, as they knew their sister was dead


The Bird returned bearing a seed in his mouth, which he gave to the old man


p. xiv




A big Duck, very dark in color, flying over, stopped a minute and asked the Frog his trouble


One of the Monkeys saw him fall into the water and hastened to help him out


One day a big Crane flying over the palace, carrying a few heads of rice for his own food, dropped some grains into the palace garden


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