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The Religions of South Vietnam in Faith and Fact, US Navy, Bureau of Naval Personnel, Chaplains Division [1967], at

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This page lists obsolete historical information, and included in this electronic text for completeness--JBH







American Friends Service Committee

David W. Stickney


tel: 24654

AFSC is initiating two programs. A child day care center, largely staffed by Vietnamese, is being established in Quang Ngai. The primary objective is the education and health of refugee pre-school children; the long-term objective is to teach mothers better health and nutrition practices. A second project is being explored; to find places for young college graduates to work in programs directed by Vietnamese voluntary agencies such as labor unions, student groups, and educational institutions.

Asian Christian Service

U. Thaung Tin

91 Duong Pasteur

tel: 22268

ACS has provided one hundred ten hand looms to refugees in An Khe and Saigon through the Ministry of Social Welfare. Two multipurpose teams to work in refugee camps are being recruited. Tinned food has been provided to refugees and to montagnard training schools.


Felix Ashinhurst

27 Nguyen Thong

tel: 93156

CARE provides emergency assistance to needy families, including refugees. Included in CARE packages are locally purchased rice, salt and fish sauce; standard CARE textile packages containing fabric sufficient to clothe a family of five; sewing kits; blacksmith kits; and midwifery kits. Donated supplies such as foodstuffs and soap have also provided relief. A major emphasis is on self-help projects, e.g. the provision of fishing boats and nets.

Catholic Relief Services

Lawson B. Mooney

91 Duong Pasteur

tel: 93246

CRS programs are directed toward alleviating the needs of 1.3 million widows, orphans, refugees and other war and disaster victims. There has been an increase in food distribution to refugee centers. This year CRS will ship roughly one hundred five thousand tons of food, clothing, medicines, arid bedding materials. CRS will also increase programs conducted by CRS and American military forces under the auspices of the military's Civic Action Program. The military assists, distributes, and monitors materials in areas CRS personnel could not teach.

Christian Children's Fund

Rev. Norman Turner

POB 1543, Saigon


CCF formerly conducted small scale program of assistance to institutionalized children. This year a child assistance program is being developed to reach five thousand families.

Foster Parent's Plan

Miss Elizabeth Brown

105 Yen Do tel: 24493


FPP provides family welfare assistance, financial aid, supplies and counselling to 5,600 children and their families, about thirty thousand people. Emphasis is placed on education for the children. Because of the increasing need, the program is expanding and additional funds are being made available for self-help endeavors and emergencies.

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International Rescue Committee

Harold Grimes

213 Dai Lo Cong Hoa

tel: 91899

IRC is providing supplementary funds for the purchase of food, clothing, educational materials, and additional personnel for institutions which care for war orphans. Seven hundred pounds of improved vegetable seeds have been supplied to montagnard refugees in Dak To, Kontum Province. A four man medical team is stationed in Quang Ngai and five other medical teams are in various stages of recruitment and processing. IRC has provided funds for the training of two hundred forty-four refugee teachers.

International Social Services

Mrs. Adam Raphael

105 Yen Do

tel: 91484

ISS provides assistance to persons wishing to make intercountry adoptions. Under the direction of a Vietnamese social worker, ISS will provide counselling services in the areas of child care and adoption.

International Voluntary Services

Don Luce

348 Le Van Duyet, Noi Dai

tel: 25707

IVS provides young college graduates to teach English and science, work with youth in slum clearance and rural development, carry out agricultural extension work and seed and fertilizer distributions, and promote self-help projects. It is expanding its present team of fifty to two hundred to work in the general fields of agriculture, education, refugee assistance, self-help and youth work.

N.A.E. World Relief Commission

Robert L. Davis

Box One, Hue


NAEWRC has established a leadership training center in Hue. Practical, on-the-job training of youth in modern methods of agriculture and industry as well as the development and training of local leadership is emphasized. With the assistance of personnel from Vietnam Christian Service, the program is expanding to additional provinces to provide vocational training for refugees.

Project Concern

James Hirsch

Box 1184

tel: 25825

Project Concern operates a forty bed hospital in Dampao, Tuyen Duc Province. In 1966 an estimated 1,300 out-patients and 125 bed patients will be treated each month. More than thirty Village Medical Assistants, both montagnard and Vietnamese, will be trained this year.

Save the Children Federation and Community Development Foundation

Miss Chislaine de Ficquelmont

39/5 Suong Nguyet Anh


SCF has initiated a fifty thousand dollar emergency drive for Vietnam. Funds will be utilized for a child, family and community self-help sponsorship program. Field counsellors, specialists in community development and self-help techniques, will provide counsel and assistance to refugee families. CDF is currently discussing with USAID a proposal to provide community services and self-help programs in refugee camps and resettlement areas which would also train Vietnamese community service workers for subsequent employment in the refugee program.

Save the Children Fund--British

Miss Bridget Stevenson

POB 20, Qui Nhon


Save the Children Fund has established a training center for widows and older orphans in Qui Nhon. Training consists of instruction in dressmaking and handicrafts. At the same time, a day care center and a kindergarten are operational. Three or four qualified personnel should arrive soon from England to augment the current staff of one.

Vietnam Christian Service

Dr. Attlee Beechy

83 Cong Ly tel: 91891


The VCS program is sponsored by Church World Services, Lutheran World Relief, and the Mennonite Central Committee, and administered by the latter. VCS administers aid under the provisions of U. S. Public Law 480 and provides commodity support for institutions,

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schools and indigent families. It supports hospitals in Nha Trang and Pleiku. VCS is expanding its staff and program to provide technical and Peace Corps type personnel to work with refugee populations in Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen and possibly Kontum. VCS staff will number approximately fifty-five by the end of 1966.

World University Service

Mark A. Harpole

111 Hong Thap Tu--WUS House


WUS provides thirty partial scholarships; a legal aid referral service in cooperation with the Saigon Bar Association; a health clinic; material aid to the student TB ward in Hong Bang Hospital; mimeograph facilities in Saigon and Dalat for the reproduction of educational materials; a reading and study room for one hundred twenty-five students, and a transient dormitory in Saigon.

World Vision Relief Organization

Rev. Harold Datton

329 Vo Tanh tel: 22429


World Vision operates relief programs, supports orphans in institutes under the supervision of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam, has built a technical and agricultural school for tribes people near Dalat, and is providing wheel chairs and crutches for many crippled Vietnamese veterans.

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