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10. (The Monster-Woman.)

 A man who had a wife went to hunt wild reindeer. He walked around all day, and could not find anything. Evening came. He felt cold. His house was too far away. So he thought, "Where shall I find a suitable place for the night? There is no fuel, nor a human dwelling." At last he saw traces of a sledge. He followed these. The trail became harder. A dog barked. He saw an underground house. A woman is cooking seal-meat over a lamp, — a strange-looking woman, with one eye in her forehead and her mouth quite big and all awry, still a stout person, with large breasts. She said, "All right! Till now I have not seen a man. Now I have found a husband." He thinks, "Certainly, she is plump and full-breasted, but her face looks too strange. I will not marry her." They ate supper, then the lamp was put out. The woman moves toward him, he moves away. They reached the corner. "Sleep with me!" — "No, I refuse!" — "Yes, do sleep with me!" He listens. Something in her body is grinding its teeth like a dog. "I say, sleep with me!" — "No, I am tired. Let it be to-morrow morning." — "Well! Then at least louse me." She lighted the lamp again. He loused her, and made her sleep on his lap. He thinks, "What is it in her body that grinds its teeth like a dog? Let me have a look at it." He looked, and saw that she had plenty of teeth there, as in a wolf's mouth. "Oh, oh!" says he. He crept out noiselessly. The seashore was full of stones. He took two stones, long and round, of just the size of the membrum virile. Then he went back into the sleeping-room and fell asleep. In the morning she wakened him. "Oh, get up! Make me a wife! Copulate with me!" — "All right!" he says. One of the stones he put between his legs and thrust it into her vulva. Oh, it clashed and ground the teeth. He tore it out. Almost all the teeth were sticking in the stone. Then he used the other one, and drew it back, together with the membrane in which grew the roots of the teeth. Then her vulva became like any woman's. "Well," he said, now let us try!" He put his own membrum in there and copulated with her one time and another. She became quite peaceful. He took her home and made her a house-slave.

Told by Enmu´wġi, a Maritime Chukchee man, in the village Uñi´sak, at Indian Point, May, 1901.