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4. Raven and Owl.

 Raven and Owl fought for a hare. Owl caught Raven by the throat with one of his claws. Raven cries, "Don't you dare to eat my hare! I wish to eat it. I am the hunter," because he is so fond of big talking. Owl was silent, but he clutched Raven's throat so tightly that Raven gave way. Owl took the hare and wanted to eat it. Then a Fox assaulted him. The Fox cried, "I am a great hunter! I kill everything, even the mouse and the spermophylus." Owl was silent, and wanted to eat the hare. They fought. Fox bit Owl's back. He was the stronger of the two. Owl desisted and flew up. From mere shame he quite refused to perch again on that place. The silent one also was not a victor. The end.

Told by Raa´nau, a Maritime Chukchee man, in the village of Mị´s·qạn, April, 1901.