Sacred Texts  Women 

Errata for Women, Church and State

Page 80: For ecclesistical read ecclesiastical

Page 92: For annihiliated read annihilated

Page 94: For parishoners read parishioners

Page 135: For noticable read noticeable

Page 161: For liasons read liaisons

Page 181: For govermental read governmental

Page 192: For oppposition read opposition

Page 192: For intefere read interfere

Page 192: For irristible read irresistible

Page 197: For refererence read reference

Page 202: For differents read different

Page 203: For physicans read physicians

Page 215: For strenously read strenuously

Page 233: For Pentegram read Pentagram

Page 234: For Pentegram read Pentagram

Page 236: For somwhat read somewhat

Page 237: For whith read with

Page 237: For holacaust read holocaust

Page 238: For explantion read explanation

Page 243: For delibrately read deliberately

Page 246: For physicial read physical

Page 331: For years years read years

Page 332: For occured read occurred

Page 332: For muncipal read municipal

Page 367: For clerygmen read clergymen

Page 378: For clerygman read clergyman

Page 379: For pre-histroic read pre-historic

Page 385: For politicial read political

Page 393: For attemped read attempted

Page 400: For esablishment read establishment

Page 401: For polgyamy read polygamy

Page 410: For insances read instance

Page 414: For hubsand read husband

Page 414: For pomising read promising

Page 420: For othodox read orthodox

Page 424: For polyagmy read polygamy

Page 437: For employes read employees

Page 440: For exteme read extreme

Page 443: For aginst read against

Page 443: For practcally read practically

Page 445: For corpusles read corpuscles

Page 449: For stong read strong

Page 453: For carrrying read carrying

Page 456: For sorrrow read sorrow

Page 478: For it in read in it

Page 483: For Pittsburg read Pittsburgh

Page 482: For renumerative read remunerative

Page 495: For memberhip read membership

Page 502: For chuch read church

Page 525: For convenant read covenant

Page 526: For the the read the

Page 527: For materalization read materialization

Page 529: For knowlege read knowledge

Page 533: For strugggle read struggle

Page 540: For prevades read pervades

Footnote Page 75: For ofterwards read afterwards

Footnote Page 160: For liason read liaison

Footnote Page 191: For stading read standing

Footnote Page 219: For shamens read shamans

Footnote Page 257: For perservation read preservation

Footnote Page 366: For cannnot read cannot