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Gypsy variants.

[paragraph continues] We have five Gypsy versions of 'The Master Thief' (Nos. 11, 12), one from Roumania, two from Hungary, and two from Wales; and two of the cognate story, 'Tropsyn' (Nos. 27, 28), from the Bukowina and Wales. We have two of 'The Vampire' (No. 5), Roumanian and Hungarian; three of 'The Bad Mother' (Nos. 8, 9), Roumanian, Bukowinian, and Hungarian; two of 'Mare's Son' (Nos. 20, 58), Bukowinian and Welsh; three of 'It all comes to Light' (Nos. 17, 18, 19), Bukowinian, Roumanian, and Slovak; two of 'The Rich and the Poor Brother' (Nos. 30, 31), Bukowinian and Hungarian; three of 'The Robber Bridegroom' (No. 47), Polish, Hungarian, and Welsh; three of 'The Master Smith' (Nos. 59, 60), Welsh, Catalonian, and Slovak; two of 'The Golden Bush and the Good Hare' (Nos. 49, 75), Polish and Scotch; and four of 'The Deluded Dragon' (Nos. 21, 22), Bukowinian, Slovak, Transylvanian, and Turkish. It is something to have established this much; and it will be seen how

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enormously Mr. Sampson has extended the area of Gypsy folk-tales since 1896. But it still needs much greater extension.

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