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Dr. Kopernicki.

Isidore Kopernicki, M.D. (1825-91), published in 1872 a German monograph on Gypsy craniology, and, called from Bucharest to Cracow in 1870, collected thirty Polish- Gypsy folk-tales in 1875-77. A year or two before his death he

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put out a prospectus of a projected work on Rómani stories and songs, with a French translation; but the work never found a publisher. Six, however, of his stories appeared in the Gypsy Lore Journal, and are reproduced here, Nos. 45-50. They are one and all so admirable as stories and valuable as folklore that I cannot but hope some folklore society or some individual folklorist may purchase and publish the entire collection--Madame Kopernicki, I believe, is still a resident of Cracow.

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