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How Sir Lionel slew Sir Colgrevance, and how after he
would have slain Sir Bors.

THEN oft Colgrevance cried upon Sir Bors:  Why will
ye let me die here for your sake? if it please you that I
die for you the death, it will please me the better for to
save a worthy man.  With that word Sir Lionel smote off
the helm from his head.  Then Colgrevance saw that he
might not escape; then he said:  Fair sweet Jesu, that I
have misdone have mercy upon my soul, for such sorrow
that my heart suffereth for goodness, and for alms deed
that I would have done here, be to me aligement of
penance unto my soul's health.  At these words Lionel
smote him so sore that he bare him to the earth.  So he
had slain Colgrevance he ran upon his brother as a fiendly
man, and gave him such a stroke that he made him stoop.
And he that was full of humility prayed him for God's
love to leave this battle:  For an it befell, fair brother,
that I slew you or ye me, we should be dead of that sin.
Never God me help but if I have on you mercy, an I may
have the better hand.  Then drew Bors his sword, all
weeping, and said:  Fair brother, God knoweth mine
intent.  Ah, fair brother, ye have done full evil this day
to slay such an holy priest the which never trespassed.
Also ye have slain a gentle knight, and one of our fellows.
And well wot ye that I am not afeard of you greatly, but
I dread the wrath of God, and this is an unkindly war,
therefore God show miracle upon us both.  Now God
have mercy upon me though I defend my life against my
brother: with that Bors lift up his hand and would have
smitten his brother.