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How Sir Launcelot came into the joyous Isle, and there he
named himself Le Chevaler Mal Fet.

THEN went Dame Elaine unto Sir Launcelot, and told
him all how her father had devised for him and her.
Then came the knight Sir Castor, that was nephew unto
Kong Pelles, unto Sir Launcelot, and asked him what was
his name.  Sir, said Sir Launcelot, my name is Le Chevaler
Mal Fet, that is to say the knight that hath trespassed.
Sir, said Sir Castor, it may well be so, but ever meseemeth
your name should be Sir Launcelot du Lake, for or now
I have seen you.  Sir, said Launcelot, ye are not as a
gentle knight:  I put case my name were Sir Launcelot,
and that it list me not to discover my name, what should
it grieve you here to keep my counsel, and ye be not hurt
thereby? but wit thou well an ever it lie in my power I
shall grieve you, and that I promise you truly.  Then Sir
Castor kneeled down and besought Sir Launcelot of
mercy:  For I shall never utter what ye be, while that ye
be in these parts.  Then Sir Launcelot pardoned him.

And then, after this, King Pelles with ten knights, and
Dame Elaine, and twenty ladies, rode unto the Castle of
Bliant that stood in an island beclosed in iron, with a fair
water deep and large.  And when they were there Sir
Launcelot let call it the Joyous Isle; and there was he
called none otherwise but Le Chevaler Mal Fet, the
knight that hath trespassed.  Then Sir Launcelot let
make him a shield all of sable, and a queen crowned in
the midst, all of silver, and a knight clean armed kneeling
afore her.  And every day once, for any mirths that all
the ladies might make him, he would once every day
look toward the realm of Logris, where King Arthur and
Queen Guenever was.  And then would he fall upon a
weeping as his heart should to-brast.

So it fell that time Sir Launcelot heard of a jousting
fast by his castle, within three leagues.  Then he called
unto him a dwarf, and he bade him go unto that jousting .
And or ever the knights depart, look thou make there a
cry, in hearing of all the knights, that there is one knight
in the Joyous Isle, that is the Castle of Bliant, and say
his name is Le Chevaler Mal Fet, that will joust against
knights that will come.  And who that putteth that knight
to the worse shall have a fair maid and a gerfalcon.