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How Sir Tor rode after the knight with the brachet, and
of his adventure by the way.

WHEN Sir Tor was ready, he mounted upon his horseback, and rode
after the knight with the brachet.  So as he rode he met with a
dwarf suddenly that smote his horse on the head with a staff,
that he went backward his spear length.  Why dost thou so? said
Sir Tor.  For thou shalt not pass this way, but if thou joust
with yonder knights of the pavilions.  Then was Tor ware where
two pavilions were, and great spears stood out, and two shields
hung on trees by the pavilions.  I may not tarry, said Sir Tor,
for I am in a quest that I must needs follow.  Thou shalt not
pass, said the dwarf, and therewithal he blew his horn.  Then
there came one armed on horseback, and dressed his shield,
<91>and came fast toward Tor, and he dressed him against him, and
so ran together that Tor bare him from his horse.  And anon the
knight yielded him to his mercy.  But, sir, I have a fellow in
yonder pavilion that will have ado with you anon.  He shall be
welcome, said Sir Tor.  Then was he ware of another knight coming
with great raundon, and each of them dressed to other, that
marvel it was to see; but the knight smote Sir Tor a great stroke
in midst of the shield that his spear all to-shivered.  And Sir
Tor smote him through the shield below of the shield that it went
through the cost of the knight, but the stroke slew him not.  And
therewith Sir Tor alighted and smote him on the helm a great
stroke, and therewith the knight yielded him and besought him of
mercy.  I will well, said Sir Tor, but thou and thy fellow must
go unto King Arthur, and yield you prisoners unto him.  By whom
shall we say are we thither sent?  Ye shall say by the knight
that went in the quest of the knight that went with the brachet. 
Now, what be your two names? said Sir Tor.  My name is, said the
one, Sir Felot of Langduk; and my name is, said the other, Sir
Petipase of Winchelsea.  Now go ye forth, said Sir Tor, and God
speed you and me.  Then came the dwarf and said unto Sir Tor, I
pray you give me a gift.  I will well, said Sir Tor, ask.  I ask
no more, said the dwarf, but that ye will suffer me to do you
service, for I will serve no more recreant knights.  Take an
horse, said Sir Tor, and ride on with me.  I wot ye ride after
the knight with the white brachet, and I shall bring you where he
is, said the dwarf.  And so they rode throughout a forest, and at
the last they were ware of two pavilions, even by a priory, with
two shields, and the one shield was enewed with white, and the
other shield was red.