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How Sir Tor was known for son of King Pellinore,
and how Gawaine was made knight.

SO on the morn King Pellinore came to the court of King Arthur,
which had great joy of him, and told him of Tor, how he was his
son, and how he had made him knight at the request of the
cowherd.  When Pellinore beheld Tor, he pleased him much.  So the
king made Gawaine knight, but Tor was the first he made at the
feast.  What is the cause, said King Arthur, that there be two
places void in the sieges?  Sir, said Merlin, there shall no man
sit in those places but they that shall be of most worship.  But
in the Siege Perilous there shall no man sit therein but one, and
if there be any so hardy to <84>do it he shall be destroyed, and
he that shall sit there shall have no fellow.  And therewith
Merlin took King Pellinore by the hand, and in the one hand next
the two sieges and the Siege Perilous he said, in open audience,
This is your place and best ye are worthy to sit therein of any
that is here.  Thereat sat Sir Gawaine in great envy and told
Gaheris his brother, yonder knight is put to great worship, the
which grieveth me sore, for he slew our father King Lot,
therefore I will slay him, said Gawaine, with a sword that was
sent me that is passing trenchant.  Ye shall not so, said
Gaheris, at this time, for at this time I am but a squire, and
when I am made knight I will be avenged on him, and therefore,
brother, it is best ye suffer till another time, that we may have
him out of the court, for an we did so we should trouble this
high feast.  I will well, said Gawaine, as ye will.