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Long ago in the north below from the Place of Emergence, everybody came out. Now when those who are everyone's chiefs came out they all went out. They went down south. Ma*'s’ewa and Oyoyewa were watching them when from there they started. Then all the people were now going south. Everyone was moving away south and they built towns, but always were, still watching them everyone's fathers, everyone's chiefs as they went. Again when day came, they were always going. They only moved southward. Thus they were always going. Now they were just going to the middle south. Again somewhere from there they stopped. When it was day again they always started from there. Thus they were just going to go south, being taken by those who were everyone's chiefs, Ma*'s’ewa and Oyoyewa. But everyone's cacique was always walking in the middle. He took them, carrying all his people on his arms, until they arrived there somewhere at White House. And everyone's mother spoke thus, "Indeed, here it is." Now everyone's mother made them arrive. He just carried all his people, his children, in his arms. Now he arrived there. Therefore there was going to be here the town of everyone's mother. Everyone's fathers, Ma*'s’ewa and Oyoyewa, were going to make a town. Then everyone's fathers, Ma*'s’ewa and Oyoyewa and everyone's mother notified them. Later on the uninitiated were told how to act by Ma*'s’ewa and Oyoyewa. Then the two said, "It is good, everyone's mother, cacique, this place is ready for you, everyone's, mother. For his sake let there be a town here." Then everyone's mother, the cacique, made a town. Then he called it White House. That was the White House. Now it was a town. Then the people increased. Ma*'s’ewa and Oyoyewa were always watching them. They two took care of them, the whole town and the people. But everyone's mother made an altar down in the north room, west room, south room, east room, and above and below. After everyone's chief had made all of them, then Ma*'s’ewa and Oyoyewa looked after the room, looking after what everyone's mother had made and also the White House. Then the people had children and the town increased. Afterwards the people increased excessively. [paragraph continues]

p. 250

Then somewhere and somehow it happened that they began to separate there. Then some people were going to separate. Each one was trying to the everyone's people. Well, then they did so, but everyone's poor mother had altars in the north room, west room, south room, and east room. Then they were going to separate. Some went southwest, some, to the middle south, some went southeast. Then they were separated. Then everyone's people were going to take them as they went. They arrived in the southwest. Then they moved here toward the southwest. Then they were still going southward and they arrived way down south in the appointed place. They were going to reach the place for which they were hoping. Still everyone's mother was taking care of them as; they went and still everyone's chief was also taking care of them as they went. Then they were going to reach way down south Go'hawaima. They were going to arrive. They were hoping to go in there. They were still coming from the middle north down there. At the middle south they stopped. Here in the north they stopped where everybody's mother said, "The four truly sacred places are here," she said. Here he made altars and chiefs Ma*'s’ewa and Oyoyewa were always watching them as they went. They went along coming from the north and they began to make towns. They built altars. Thus they were coming from the north. Once upon a time they did go from there and they left all the altars for the towns. They went down south from there. Therefore there are many ruins in the north. Everybody's grandfather and everybody's grandmother left there. Therefore there are still ruins on the hills in the north. Then they wished for the place there in the south appointed by everyone's mother. They wished to go there to the south to Go'hawaima, that was the place appointed by everyone's mother which they were going to reach. They went along. They were going to go away. They were going to grow up. They were going to arrive there in the south, at the place appointed by everybody's mother. Everybody was destined to grow up, to arrive, to climb up and to enter there. Then whatever everybody's mother ordained, that was obeyed. They climbed up and entered there. Then everybody's mother doe's everything for everyone. Here will be the resting place. From here they went southeast, still taking the same way. They were also always going southward to Go'hawaima. They were going to arrive. They were going to climb up and enter somewhere where everyone's mother had promised. They took everything and had it. Then from there they were all going to assemble again. Then again our mother made everything sacred. Here, then, will be the, resting place. Then for the sake of everybody, you who are everybody's mother, cacique, you will have the power to take this.


249:1 Recorded in text by Franz Boas. See also pp. 2-5. Notes, p. 204.

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