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Sūra XLII.: Shūrā, or Consultation. Index
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Sūra XLII.: Shūrā, or Consultation.

Section 5

44. Waman yudlili Allahu fama lahu min waliyyin min baAAdihi watara alththalimeena lamma raawoo alAAathaba yaqooloona hal ila maraddin min sabeelin

44. For any whom God
Leaves astray, there is
No protector thereafter.
And thou wilt see
The wrong-doers, when
In sight of the Penalty,
Say: "Is there any way
(To effect) a return?"

45. Watarahum yuAAradoona AAalayha khashiAAeena mina alththulli yanthuroona min tarfin khafiyyin waqala allatheena amanoo inna alkhasireena allatheena khasiroo anfusahum waahleehim yawma alqiyamati ala inna alththalimeena fee AAathabin muqeemin

45. And thou wilt see them
Brought forward to the (Penalty),
In a humble frame of mind
Because of (their) disgrace,
(And) looking with a stealthy
Glance. And the Believers
Will say: "Those are indeed.
In loss. who have given
To perdition their own selves
And those belonging to them
On the Day of Judgment.
Behold! Truly the wrong-doers
Are in a lasting Penalty!"

46. Wama kana lahum min awliyaa yansuroonahum min dooni Allahi waman yudlili Allahu fama lahu min sabeelin

46. And no protectors have they
To help them,
Other than God.
And for any whom God
Leaves to stray, there is
No way (to the Goal).

47. Istajeeboo lirabbikum min qabli an ya/tiya yawmun la maradda lahu mina Allahi ma lakum min malja-in yawma-ithin wama lakum min nakeerin

47. Hearken ye to your Lord,
Before there come a Day
Which there will be
No putting back, because
Of (the ordainment of) God!
That Day there will be
For you no place of refuge
Nor will there be for you
Any room for denial
(Of your sins)!

48. Fa-in aAAradoo fama arsalnaka AAalayhim hafeethan in AAalayka illa albalaghu wa-inna itha athaqna al-insana minna rahmatan fariha biha wa-in tusibhum sayyi-atun bima qaddamat aydeehim fa-inna al-insana kafoorun

48. If then they turn away,
We have not sent thee
As a guard over them.
Thy duty is but to convey
(The Message). And truly,
When We give man
A taste of a Mercy
From ourselves, he doth
Exult thereat, but
When some ill happens
To him, on account
Of the deeds which
His hands have sent forth,
Truly then is man ungrateful!

49. Lillahi mulku alssamawati waal-ardi yakhluqu ma yashao yahabu liman yashao inathan wayahabu liman yashao alththukoora

49. To God belongs the dominion
Of the heavens and the earth.
He creates what He wills
(And plans). He bestows
(Children) male or female
According to His Will (and Plan),

50. Aw yuzawwijuhum thukranan wa-inathan wayajAAalu man yashao AAaqeeman innahu AAaleemun qadeerun

50. Or He bestows both males
And females, and He leaves
Barren whom He will:
For He is full
Of knowledge and power.

51. Wama kana libasharin an yukallimahu Allahu illa wahyan aw min wara-i hijabin aw yursila rasoolan fayoohiya bi-ithnihi ma yashao innahu AAaliyyun hakeemun

51. It is not fitting
For a man that God
Should speak to him
Except by inspiration,
Or from behind a veil,
Or by the sending
Of a Messenger
To reveal, with God's permission,
What God wills: for He
Is Most High, Most Wise.

52. Wakathalika awhayna ilayka roohan min amrina ma kunta tadree ma alkitabu wala al-eemanu walakin jaAAalnahu nooran nahdee bihi man nashao min AAibadina wa-innaka latahdee ila siratin mustaqeemin

52. And thus have We,
By Our command, sent
Inspiration to thee:
Thou knewest not (before)
What was Revelation, and
What was Faith; but We
Have made the (Qur-ān)
A Light, wherewith We
Guide such of Our servants
As We will; and verily
Thou dost guide (men)
To the Straight Way,—

53. Sirati Allahi allathee lahu ma fee alssamawati wama fee al-ardi ala ila Allahi taseeru al-omooru

53. The Way of God,
To Whom belongs
Whatever is in the heavens
And whatever is on earth.
Behold (how) all affairs
Tend towards God!

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