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Sūra XL.: Mū-min, or The Believer. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XL.: Mū-min, or The Believer.

Section 9

79. Allahu allathee jaAAala lakumu al-anAAama litarkaboo minha waminha ta/kuloona

79. It is God who made
Cattle for you, that ye
May use some for riding
And some for food;

80. Walakum feeha manafiAAu walitablughoo AAalayha hajatan fee sudoorikum waAAalayha waAAala alfulki tuhmaloona

80. And there are (other) advantages
In them for you (besides);
That ye may through them
Attain to any need
(There may be) in your hearts;
And on them and on ships
Ye are carried.

81. Wayureekum ayatihi faayya ayati Allahi tunkiroona

81. And He shows you (always)
His Signs: then which
Of the Signs of God
Will ye deny?

82. Afalam yaseeroo fee al-ardi fayanthuroo kayfa kana AAaqibatu allatheena min qablihim kanoo akthara minhum waashadda quwwatan waatharan fee al-ardi fama aghna AAanhum ma kanoo yaksiboona

82. Do they not travel through
The earth and see what
Was the End of those
Before them? They were
More numerous than these
And superior in strength
And in the traces
(They have left) in the land:
Yet all that they accomplished
Was of no profit to them.

83. Falamma jaat-hum rusuluhum bialbayyinati farihoo bima AAindahum mina alAAilmi wahaqa bihim ma kanoo bihi yastahzi-oona

83. For when their apostles
Came to them
With Clear Signs, they exulted
In such knowledge (and skill)
As they had; but
That very (Wrath) at which
They were wont to scoff
Hemmed them in.

84. Falamma raaw ba/sana qaloo amanna biAllahi wahdahu wakafarna bima kunna bihi mushrikeena

84. But when they saw
Our Punishment, they said:
"We believe in God,—
The One God—and we
Reject the partners we used
To join with Him."

85. Falam yaku yanfaAAuhum eemanuhum lamma raaw ba/sana sunnata Allahi allatee qad khalat fee AAibadihi wakhasira hunalika alkafiroona

85. But their professing the Faith
When they (actually) saw
Our Punishment was not going
To profit them.
(Such has been) God's way
Of dealing with His servants
(From the most ancient times).
And even thus did
The rejecters of God
Perish (utterly)!

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