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WE shall now turn our pen to the explaining of the high and mysterious secrets of the Cabala, by which only we can know the truth; and likewise how to prepare our mind and spirit for the contemplation of the greatest and best part of magic, which we call intellectual and divine, because it chiefly takes God and the good spirits for its object; and as the cabalistic art opens many and the chiefest mysteries and secrets of ceremonial magic.

But in respect of explaining or publishing those few secrets in the Cabala, which are amongst a few wise men, and communicated by word of mouth only, I hope the student will pardon me if I pass over these in silence, because we are not permitted to divulge some certain things; but this we shall do; we will open all those secrets which are necessary to be known; and by the close reading of which, you shall find out, of your own head, to be both profitable and delightful.

Therefore, all we solicit is, that those who perceive those secrets should keep them together as secrets, and not expose or babble them to the unworthy; but reveal them only to faithful, discreet, and chosen friends. And we would caution you in this beginning, that every magical experiment flies from the public, seeking to be hid, is strengthened and confirmed by silence, but is destroyed by publication; never does any complete effect follow after: likewise all the virtue of thy works will suffer detriment when poured into weak, prating, and incredulous minds; therefore, if thou would be a magician,

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and gain fruit from this art, to be secret, and to manifest to none, either thy work, or place, or time, nor thy desire, or will, except it be to a master or partner, or companion, who should likewise be faithful, discreet, silent, and dignified by nature and education; seeing that even the prating of a companion, his unbelief, doubting, questioning, and, lastly, unworthiness, hinders and disturbs the effect in every operation.

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