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FROM the operations of Mercury they made an image of Mercury, Mercury ascending in Gemini; the form of which was a handsome young man, bearded, having in his left hand a rod, round which a serpent was entwined--in the right he carried a dart; having his feet winged. They say that this image confers knowledge, eloquence, diligence in merchandise, and gain; moreover, to obtain peace and concord, and cure fevers. They made another image of Mercury, ascending in Virgo, for good will, wit, and memory; the form of which was a man sitting upon a chair, or riding on a peacock, having eagle's feet, and on his head a crest, and in his left hand holding a cock of fire.

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FROM the operations of the Moon they made an image for travellers against weariness, at the hour of the Moon, the Moon ascending in its exaltation; the figure of which was a man leaning on a staff, having a bird on his head, and a flourishing tree before him. They made another image of the Moon for the increase of the fruits of the earth, and against poisons, and infirmities of children, at the hour of the Moon, it ascending in the first face of Cancer; the figure of which was a woman cornuted, riding on a bull, or a dragon with seven heads or a crab, and she hath in her right hand a dart, in her left a looking glass, clothed with white or green, and having on her head two serpents with horns twined together, and to each arm a serpent twined about, and to each foot one in like manner. And thus much spoken concerning the figures of the planets, may suffice.

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