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p. 162



FROM the operations of the Sun they made an image at the hour of the Sun, the first face of Leo ascending with the Sun; the form of which was a king crowned, sitting in a chair, having a raven in his bosom, and under his feet a globe: he is clothed in saffron coloured clothes. They say that this image renders men invincible and honourable, and helps to bring their business to a good end, and to drive away vain dreams; also to be prevalent against fevers, and the plague; and they made it in a balanite stone, or a ruby, at the hour of the Sun, when he, in his exaltation, fortunately ascends. They made another image of the Sun in a diamond, at the hour of the Sun ascending in his exaltation; the figure of which was a woman crowned, with the gesture of one, dancing and laughing, standing in a chariot drawn by four horses, having in her right hand a looking-glass or buckler, in the left a staff, leaning on her breast, carrying a flame of fire on her head. They say that this image renders a man fortunate, and rich, and beloved of all; and they made this image on a cornelian stone, at the hour of the Sun ascending in the first face of Leo, against lunatic passions, which proceed from the combustion of the Moon.

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