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p. 103



NOW let us treat particularly of numbers themselves; and, because number is nothing else but a repetition of unity, let us first consider unity itself; for unity doth most simply go through every number, and is the common measure, fountain, and original of all numbers; contains every number joined together in itself entirely; the beginner of every multitude, always the same, and unchangeable; whence, also, being multiplied into itself, produceth nothing but itself: it is indivisible, void of all parts. Nothing is before one, nothing is after one, and beyond it is nothing; and all things which are, desire that one, because all things proceed from one; and that all things may be the same, it is necessary that they partake of that one: and as all things proceed of one into many things, so all thin-s endeavour to return to that one, from which they proceeded; it is necessary that they should put off multitude. One, therefore, is referred to the most high God, who, seeing he is one and innumerable, yet creates innumerable things of himself, and contains them within himself. There is, therefore, one God--one world of the one God--one sun of the one world--also one phœnix in the world--one king amongst bees--one leader amongst flocks of cattle--one ruler amongst herds of beasts--and cranes follow one, and many other animals honour unity. Amongst the members of the body there is one principal, by which all the rest are guided; whether it be the head, or (as some will) the heart. There is one element, overcoming and penetrating all things, viz. fire. There is one thing created of God, the subject of all wondering which is in earth or in heaven--it is actually animal, vegetable, and mineral; every where found, known by few, called by none by its proper name, but covered with figures and riddles, without which neither Alchymy, nor Natural Magic can attain to their complete end or perfection. From one man, Adam, all men proceeded--from that One, all became mortal--from that one, Jesus Christ, they are regenerated; and, as saith St. Paul., one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, one

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[paragraph continues] Mediator betwixt God and man, one most high Creator, who is over all, by all, and in us all, For there is one Father, God, from whence all, and we in him; one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom all, and we by him; one God Holy Ghost, into whom all, and we into him.



In the Exemplary World,


One Divine Essence, the fountain of all virtues and power whose name is expressed with one most simple letter.

In the Intellectual World,

The Soul of the World

One Supreme Intelligence, the first creature, the fountain of life.

In the Celestial World,

The Sun.

One King of Stars, the fountain of life.

In the Elemental World,

The Philosophers' Stone.

One subject, and instrument of all virtues, natural and supernatural.

In the Lesser World,

The Heart.

One first living and last dying.

In the Infernal World,


One Prince of Rebellion, of Angels, and Darkness.


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