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IN the original and exemplary world, all things are all in all; so also in this corporeal world. And the elements are not only in these inferior things; but are in the heavens, in stars, in devils, in angels, and likewise in God himself, the maker and original example of all things.

Now it must be understood that in these inferior bodies the elements are gross and corruptible; but in the heavens they are, with their natures and virtues, after a celestial and more excellent manner than in sublunary things: for the firmness of the celestial earth is there without the grossness of water; and the agility of air without exceeding its bounds; the heat of fire without burning, only shining, giving light and life to all things by its celestial heat.--Now

p. 81

amongst the stars, or planets, some are fiery, as Mars, and the Sun--airy, as Jupiter, and Venus--watery, as Saturn, and Mercury--and earthy, such as inhabit the eighth orb, and the Moon (which by many is accounted watery), seeing that, as if it were earth, it attracts to itself the celestial waters, with which being imbibed it does, on account of its proximity to us, pour forth and communicate to our globe.

There are, likewise, amongst the signs, some fiery, some airy, some watery, and some earthy. The elements rule them, also, in the heavens, distributing to them these four threefold considerations of every element, according to their triplicities, viz. the beginning, middle, and end.

Likewise, devils are distinguished according to the elements: for some are called earthy devils, others fiery, some airy, and others watery. Hence, also, those four infernal rivers: fiery Phlegethon, airy Cocytus, watery Styx, earthy Acheron. Also, in the Gospel, we read of comparisons of the elements: as hell fire, and eternal fire, into which the cursed shall be commanded to go;--and in Revelations, of a lake of fire:--and Isaiah, speaking of the damned, says that the Lord will smite them with corrupt air;--and in Job, they shall skip from the waters of the snow to the extremity of heat; and, in the same, we read, that the earth is dark, and covered with the darkness of death, and miserable darkness.

And these elements are placed in the angels of heaven, and the blessed intelligences: there is in them a stability of their essence, which is an earthy virtue, in which is the stedfast seat of God. By the Psalmist they are called waters, where he says--"Who rulest the waters that are higher than the heavens;"--also, in them their subtile breath is air, and their love is shining fire; hence they are called in Scripture, the wings of the wind; and, in another place, the Psalmist speaks of them thus--"Who makest angels thy spirits, and thy ministers a flaming fire!"--Also, according to the different orders of spirits or angels, some are fiery, as seraphims, authorities, and powers--earthy, as cherubim--watery, as thrones and archangels--airy, as dominions and principalities.

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And do we not read of the original Maker of all things, that the earth shall be opened and bring forth a Saviour?--Likewise it is spoken of the same, that he shall be a fountain of living water, cleansing and regenerating and the same spirit breathing the breath of life; and the same, according to Moses' and Paul's testimony--a consuming fire.

That the elements are, therefore, to be found every where, and in all things, after their manner, no man will dare to deny: first, in these inferior bodies, feculent and gross; and in celestials, more pure and clear; but in super-celestials, living, and in all respects blessed. Elements, therefore, in the exemplary world, are ideas of things to be produced; in intelligences, they are distributed powers; in the heavens, they are virtues; and in inferior bodies, are gross forms.

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