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Famous Men of the Middle Ages, by John Henry Haaren, [1904], at




  The Gods of the Teutons
  The Nibelungs


  I Alaric the Visigoth (394-410 A.D.)
  II Attila the Hun (433-453 A.D.)
  III Genseric the Vandal (427-477 A.D.)
  IV Theodoric the Ostrogoth (475-526 A.D.)
  V Clovis (481-511 A.D.)

  VI Justinian (527-565 A.D.)
  VII Mohammed (570-632 A.D.)
  VIII Charles Martel and Pepin (714-768 A.D.)
  IX Charlemagne (768-814 A.D.)

  X Harun-al-Raschid (786-809 A.D.)

  XI Egbert the Saxon (802-837 A.D.)
  XII Rollo the Viking (Died 931 A.D.)
  XIII Alfred the Great (871-901 A.D.)
  XIV Henry the Fowler (919-936 A.D.)
  XV Canute the Great (1014-1035)

  XVI The Cid (1040-1099)
  XVII Edward the Confessor (1042-1066)
  XVIII William the Conqueror (1066-1087)
  XIX Peter the Hermit (1050-1115)

  XX Frederick Barbarossa (1152-1190)

  XXI Henry the Second and His Sons (1154-1216)
  XXII Louis IX (1226-1270)
  XXIII Robert Bruce (1306-1329)
  XXIV Marco Polo (1254-1324)  .

  XXV Edward the Black Prince (1330-1376)

  XXVI William Tell and Arnold von Winkelried (1300-1386)

  XXVII Tamerlane (1333-1405)

  XXVIII Henry V (1413-1422)

  XXIX Joan of Arc (1412-1431)
  XXX Gutenberg (1400-1468)
  XXXI Warwick the King-Maker (1428-1471)


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