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Dynamic Thought, by Henry Thomas Hamblin [1921], at

p. 217


Success and Character Building


THERE are two great obstacles in the path to health and success. They are fear and hate. Not only do they bar the path to success, not only do they break down the health, but they also destroy all happiness and peace of mind. They are the most negative of all negative qualities and give rise to the most negative of thoughts and the most destructive emotions. They break down the fabric of the character, destroy the nervous system, and create disharmonies and disturbances which effectually keep success, health, peace of mind and happiness at a distance.

There has never been a truly great figure

p. 218

in the world's history that has harbored fear; on the contrary, the truly great have always been distinguished by their faith and courage. Great characters, accomplishers of great achievements, the truly successful, know full well that they can only do great deeds, or accomplish mighty purposes, to the extent that they are able to banish fear and hate from their minds and lives.

Fear is the deadly enemy of accomplishment, it paralyzes effort, destroys initiative and corrodes the mental machinery. Fear and worry go hand in hand, the one produces the other. Worry never yet succeeded in overcoming a difficulty, neither has it ever succeeded in. elucidating a problem; all it can do is to destroy health, wreck happiness and peace of mind, and make the difficulties more difficult to overcome and the problems less easy of solution.

Fear, worry, care, what a terrible trinity! How destructive they are, what numberless lives they have marred and ruined. Mental gifts, high attainments, university education,

p. 219

opportunities due to birth, breeding and influence, help of friends and relatives, even genius or ability almost approaching genius, all in vain, all are rendered futile, if the mind is allowed to entertain fear.

Unless fear is cast out of the life UTTERLY there can be no success. Entertain fear in your mind and you slam and bolt the door on all achievement, you sound the death knell of your hopes and ambitions.

"Fear is everywhere: fear of want, fear of starvation, fear of public opinion, fear of private opinion, fear that what we own today may not be ours tomorrow, fear of sickness, fear of death. Fear has become with millions a fixed habit. The thought is everywhere. The thought is thrown upon us from every direction. . . . To live in continual dread, continual cringing, continual fear of anything, be it loss of love, loss of money, loss of position or station, is to take the readiest means to lose what we fear we shall. ''

By living in fear you not only slam the

p. 220

door on all progress, hut you also attract to yourself the very thing that you dread. If you dread sickness, then the fear of sickness will break down your nervous system, and this will lay you open to every kind of disease. If you fear failure in your business, then all your actions will savor of failure and your business will come to a speedy end.

Fear, worry, anxiety, dread, this dreadful negative family, are rendering miserable the lives of millions of people, and they are all the offspring of lack of faith and courage. Have faith in the omnipotence of the Power within you, and all fear will cease, and worry, care and anxiety flee away. Get right hold of the Truth that your life, your circumstances, everything that comes into your life, is the result of your thinking; that your future will be modeled exactly on how you think today. Realize that everything is in your own hands and that as you are building well today the future must and will be well. You cannot build well today and have a bad future, neither can you build badly today

p. 221

and reap a good future. The law is absolute, as you sow, so do you reap. Sow well today and in the days to come you will reap an abundant harvest of all good things.

Therefore get this thought right down into your being, everything is in your own hands, use your God-given faculties aright, concentrate your mind on good and positive thoughts and nothing can go wrong in the future. Think right thoughts NOW and the future can take care of itself. There is NOTHING to fear, henceforth there is nothing capricious or uncertain in your life, all is according to Eternal Law. All that you have to do is to think aright and to act aright, and all things will be added unto you.

As you bring your life, by the control of your thoughts, into harmony with the unseen higher forces, you enter into a life of peace and power. There is nothing whatever about which you need fear or worry, because you are in harmony with all the Universe. The power that maintains the stars in their places and guides the planets in their courses, is the same power that animates

p. 222

you. Nothing can come by chance into your life, only that which is the result of your thinking.

Now is given into your hands the power and the knowledge whereby you can control your thinking; the power and the knowledge by which you can choose those thoughts which will build up your life in beauty and strength, and ensure an harmonious future. Nothing can go wrong in your life if your thoughts are right. Right cannot produce wrong, neither can wrong produce right. Get your thoughts under control and all evil must flee away.

Therefore there can be nothing to fear, your life is in your own hands. He who is established in truth and courage need fear no evil, for evil has no power over one whose soul has cast out fear. When thoughts of fear assail you, and at all available times, make use of the following denial:


p. 222

After the denial of Evil, this is the greatest denial of all. The most terrible thing in anyone's life is the belief in and thought of evil, but fear is almost as destructive. YET THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR. There is no evil and there is nothing to fear. They only exists in our minds. While they exist in our minds they are very real and terrible, but they have no real existence apart from our minds. The only power that evil and fear, and the things feared, have, is the power that we invest them with, by our thoughts. Nothing exists apart from our minds. Everything is mind or thought, and its phenomena or manifestation.

This is proved up to the hilt by the fact that when you have, by the power of the denial, "There is no evil," and the affirmation, "There is only Infinite Good," cast the thought of, and belief in, Evil out of your mind, then you discover that there is no evil outside of human thought and that there is, and always has been, only Infinite Good. In the same way, when you by denial and affirmation have cast out fear, you discover, to your joy, that there is nothing

p. 224

and never has been, and never can be, anything to fear.

"There only exists that which exists in the Mind." Therefore, to cast out fear, raise yourself into your perfect World of Mind. Realizing that you, your real YOU, are a Perfect Mental Creature, radiant and divine, that you are an individualized expression of the Great Infinite Mind of the Universe, and as such, are gifted with God-like powers. Having raised yourself mentally above the world of petty strife, of limitations, and time and sense, into the Perfect World of Mind, realize that you are in harmony with and form a part of, the great Power behind the Universe, that Infinite Mind or Principle of Perfect Good, which is the guiding spirit behind all life's mysteries. Get into touch with, and realize your oneness with, this Infinite Mind of Perfect Good, and you will realize that there can be nothing to fear. You are in harmony with the Infinite Principle of Good and there is therefore nothing that can harm you or of which you need be afraid.

p. 225

Stand firm then, looking up, realize your one-ship with the Highest Powers, your harmony with all the Divine Forces, and use the denial unceasingly,

"There is nothing in all the Universe that can make me afraid."

Having purged your mind of fear, next build it up and strengthen it by this affirmation:

"I am in harmony with the Infinite Principle of Good that permeates the Universe, and against which evil has not the slightest power. Therefore I am unafraid, nothing can harm or destroy, nothing can ruffle me, or disturb my peace of mind. I am carried forward by the invisible forces of Good. All is well."

Then realize this stupendous truth, and visualize yourself standing dauntless and unafraid, serene and calm, borne up by Higher Powers.

p. 226

As we by the power of thought-control develop our subliminal powers, we become conscious of a new Self developing and manifesting itself within us. This is our Subliminal Self. Not only do we become increasingly conscious of the new powers within, but we also are aware of powers without us. As we develop our inward powers along correct lines, so do we come into harmony with the powers without. There are powers within and powers without, all of which will help and bless us, if we only come into line with them.

There are, of course, testing times in all lives, but to the well-trained mind these should give no cause for fear.

"It is how we bear ourselves at such times that determines our real worth and use, whether we have stamina, backbone, courage--real character--and if at such times we can stand unfaltering, uncomplaining, desirous of neither sympathy nor pity, patient but resolute, and doing today what today reveals to be done and so ready for the morrow when it comes, there can be

p. 227

but one outcome. The Higher Powers of all the universe stand back of such a life, they uphold it, they sustain it, they stamp it with success, they crown it with adoration and with honor." R. W. Trine in "The Wayfarer on the Open Road:"

Therefore you have nothing to fear, so cast out fear and meet the future with joy and gladness.

The other great obstacle to health and success is hate. There can be no health or success in life for the one who hates. He who hates emits a force which rebounds back upon himself. Hate injures the one who hates far more than the one hated. Hate poisons the blood of the one who hates and tears down his nervous system. Hate is negative and destructive, love is positive and upbuilding. Hate affects adversely all the vital processes. It destroys health, wrecks happiness and turns the life into an inferno of trouble. Have you ever noticed the lives of those who indulge in hate? They are a continual round of trouble. Before they finish one brawl they find themselves

p. 228

engaged in another. They are at loggerheads with nearly everybody, and misfortunes seem to dog their footsteps. Misfortunes and troubles are attracted to them as a direct result of their hate. Through indulging in negative thoughts and emotions, negative conditions are produced and attracted. That is why people who hate are not always in trouble through other people's hatred, but they attract to themselves troubles and disasters which seem to have no connection with hate, but which are in reality a direct result of that condition of mind. Therefore, dear reader, if you have hatred, malice or resentment in your mind or life, pluck it out and cast it away, because you can never be successful, never be happy until you have done so.

The best way to cast out hate is to hold your mind continually in the attitude of good will to all men. If hate is to you a real difficulty, if you blaze with resentment whenever you think of a certain person who has deeply wronged you, if there wells up within you a fierce desire to get even with the object of your hatred, or at least

p. 229

to wish him harm, remember this, that you can never make any progress in mind and thought control you can never be successful and happy until you have forgiven your enemy. If, just as you are falling asleep you use the following combined denial and affirmation, you will find it much easier to conquer your negative failing during the next day. First of all, raise yourself into your Perfect World of Mind, deny evil and affirm Infinite Good, then say:


Get your mind into this attitude and all will be well. By thinking in this way you create currents and vibrations which will bring you blessing, happiness, health, healing and success.

It may seem strange to insist upon forgiveness and love in lessons on mind training and success development, but believe

p. 230

me there can be no true all-round success, no happiness or harmony in life, so long as hatred, malice and uncharitableness are cherished. These are negative qualities, and success, real, lasting and true, can come only to those who overcome and cast out, root and branch, all negative thoughts, beliefs and habits. Great minds are above all such petty, mean feelings as hatred, spite and malice. It is the truly great who can best afford to be magnanimous. By regulating and controlling your thinking, by casting out fear and hate and all other negative states, you, too, can become great in mind, and noble in action.

Therefore when you make the above affirmation, visualize yourself raised above the petty cares and strifes of men, looking with a broader outlook above those who hate and squabble and disagree. There is a mental realm of peace and quietude which is far above earth's troubles. But before you can enter into it, you must first put yourself right with your fellow men. We cannot dwell there if we are not dealing fairly with the world, and giving our very

p. 231

best service to the cause of humanity. We cannot dwell there if we fear, we must first of all banish fear and possess our hearts with courage. We cannot dwell there if we are selfish, nor if we desire or demand for ourselves anything or state which we are not anxious that all should partake of or enjoy. But when we have put ourselves in harmony with all the higher forces, then we can rise above the things which vex and grieve the hearts of men. We can rise to a plane where absolute calm and peace continually abide.

I can hear some of my readers saying, "What has this got to do with success in life?" My answer is, "everything." It is because the majority of people are so full of worry and care that they are perplexed and anxious. It is because they are so perplexed and anxious and so wrapped up in little, petty, non-essential things, that they are never able to take the broad view and consequently can never be successful. A man or woman with a small, petty mind can never be successful; it is only those with imagination and breadth of view who

p. 232

can plan a successful campaign, and successfully carry it through. It is impossible for anyone to put forth his best effort if he is worried and careworn, or fearful, or full of hate. The nervous system is so weakened, the life force is so corroded, there is none of that vital, living, overpowering energy which is so necessary to success. Neither can the mind be concentrated upon the business in hand nor the problem to be solved, nor the difficulty to be overcome, if it is engaged in worry, anxiety, hate, or fear.

Therefore I say, learn to rise to that higher state of the mind where peace and calm and confidence continually abide.

The special visualizing exercise this week is as follows:

Sit yourself in a quiet place, upright in a chair, close your eyes. Now mentally send out to all the World your best service. If you are a great writer of books, see them being sent by the thousand, by rail and steamship, all over the globe. If you are a merchant or manufacturer, see your goods

p. 233

being dealt with in the same way. If you are an artist, see your pictures going to many lands. If you are a poet, see your poems bringing joy and peace to thousands of hearts everywhere. No matter what your occupation may be, or may be in the near future, see the effects of your service going out to all mankind. Do this for a few minutes, and then reverse the process. See money coming back to you from all over the world. Call up a clear and perfect image of money arriving by every post, in the form of drafts, cheques, money orders, or cash. See it after the envelopes are opened. See yourself counting it and piling it up. Do this for a few minutes and then dismiss that matter from your mind.

p. 234


There is infinite plenty and profusion in Nature for all man's wants and needs. Nature is prodigal in her provision, and would willingly clothe every son of man in plenty and abundance, if he did not create his own poverty by wrong thinking. Prosperity and abundance, in health and wealth, in beauty and happiness, in every perfect good, these are all waiting for man, did he but know it, could he but believe it. There is for every man all that the heart can wish for, but he fails to enter, because of wrong thinking into his glorious heritage. There is infinite profusion of the divinest blessings for men; they are mine now, and will come to me when I, by means of scientific thinking, have purified my thoughts and cleansed my mind. When I have got rid of hate and fear and selfishness and weakness, and have built up my mind in love

p. 235

and courage, unselfishness and strength, then shall I find that there is nothing in life that is too good for me, nothing in all the Universe that can be denied me. Nature withholds nothing from the man who is unafraid, and whose thoughts are in harmony with the Universal Mind, whose heart is free from hate and malice. Therefore Nature shall withhold nothing from me.

And what I affirm for myself, I desire also for all my fellow creatures, that they too may experience all the joy that I experience, and learn how to bring their lives into harmony with the Infinite Principle of Good.

p. 236


Continue to develop subliminal thinking. Take all your difficulties and perplexities into the Silence and let your great inner mind, drawing upon the Eternal Wisdom of all the Ages, give you the true answer that you need. Whenever you desire inspiration or original ideas, seek them in your Subliminal Mind because there alone can they be found.

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