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Force of Vibration Applicable to Aerial Navigation


IT IS a publicly known fact that the application of the law of vibration to the neutralization of the so called force of gravity, to be utilized for the development of aerial navigation, has been advocated by the Founder of the Koreshan System for years. . .

It matters little to us who takes advantage of the laws of motion to neutralize the direction of motion

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called gravity, for the purpose of aeronautic navigation. We merely reiterate the statement that aerial ship service will be a success in the near future, but not on the basis of balloons or flying machines. The law of reverse motion will be applied to an airship, cutting the gravic "energy" in two, and electro-magnetic currents will be utilized for the propulsion of the ship. . . .

One of the highest phases of the application of the law of splenic agitation was exhibited when the Lord walked upon the water. The flight of the bird is effected not by the action of the wind or air, but by an action of the brain, producing a vibratory force which buoys the body by an innate "energy." The supreme operation, of this law of vibration has been active in all cases of translation, the specifically recorded instances being those of Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus. These instances may be specifically illustrated by the notable one of the Lord Jesus. The vibration of the atoms of his body was caused by the conspiring operation of ten fundamental principles of being. This conspiration centralized in his visible form to the destruction of the atoms of his body,--not their destruction as substance, but their destruction as material atoms and their reduction to "energy."

The utilization of the principle of vibration will be through the application of electro-magnetic potency concentrated upon a series of octaves of vibrating reeds and the conduction of this through magnets to induced currents. There will be no limit to the lifting power, for weight will be actually destroyed with the proper application of this force to the neutralization of the force of gravity.

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