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The Wonderful Properties of Radium

(KORESH in FLAMING SWORD, Sept. 18, 1906)

NO MAN will ever understand the character and properties of radium who approaches cautiously and doubtfully the great law of transmutation, the law of the cross, which constitutes the basis of the primitive Christian conception. The discovery, or rather the creation, of the substance called radium has done much to revolutionize the old chemical theory,--the delusion of a hundred years,--and to obliterate the confidence and confusion which have marked the progress of the scholastic hallucination and uncertainty that have revolved around the incomprehensible atom, which never had an existence but in the hallucinated

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imagination of densely befuddled and befogged brains.

It has confirmed the physicist in his inscrutable wisdom, founded upon hypothesis, regarding the bombardment and shivering of the atom and its metamorphosis to seven hundred or seventy thousand corpuscular ions and electrons, which also never had an existence except in the deluded brains of experimental explorers of the mysteries of being. It has shivered the timbers of the chemical hypothesis, to substitute for it another more absurd hallucination to be shivered by some other speculator and hypothetical blunderer.

We advise the student of physics not to rely too much upon the hypothetical deviation from the scholastic wisdom that has deluded science for the last seventy years, and which in the mind of the philosopher appeared as an indestructible, nonconvertible, indivisible, and eternal atom.

The empirical creation of radium has dissipated the dreams of the dreamer. Newton's law of gravitation turns out to be no law at all; and the greatness of the discoverer of the so called law of gravitation, in the fallacy of its appeal to the beclouded mentality of the age, becomes mediocre in the comparison of his fallacy with the limelight of its obscuration of the human intellect which it has beclouded. Helmholtz's law of the elevation of temperature proportionate to contraction by gravity, has been bombarded into smithereens through the revelations of radium.

The theory of the contraction of the sun by the application of the frigid zone to the extinct and superannuated vulcanizing activity of the sun, thus increasing the sun's temperature, that is, the increasing of

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the temperature of the sun by rendering it colder, is becoming an obsolete philosophy in the development of the mysteries of the little composite thing called radium. The chemist's atom has been literally shivered into nothingness.

The sun is no longer in danger of contracting by the loss of its heat through radiation, because of the elevation of its temperature through frigidity. It will no longer grow hot by being colder, through which cold it grows hotter. This absurd humbug offers no more to frighten the world in the vain expectation that in a few billion years the sun will refuse to shine for us.

The little mass of radium has dissipated all of this mental fog for the denser one of the more complicated hypothesis. There is nothing so beatifying to the dreamer after realism as the good working hypotheses that have in the past, and will in the future, hallucinate the visionary. Working hypotheses are like Madam Winslow's soothing syrup--they quiet the, brain and collapse its rational functions and powers for genuine demonstration.

Radium is an incipient star, a miniature sun, an accident so far as its discovery is concerned, for it is the exploitation of experimental, not scientific, investigation. Were its discovery scientific, there would be no mystery in its character and operations to the so called scientific mind. There are no two of the students of its mystery who agree as to the peculiarity of its phenomena; and the deeper the experimenter dives into the vortex of its secrets, the more is he lost in the claustrum of its obscurations.

Never will the "scientific" world fathom its mysteries

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so long as it obstructs the consciousness (through the materialistic tendencies of "science") from recognizing the counterpart of matter; namely, the sublime and ethereal quality of substance, which has neither the form nor the properties of matter.

Radium is a peculiar character of matter into which many, not all, of the so called elemental forms have entered to create a composite aggregate, so blended into unity as to become homogeneous .in quality, thus making a vortex into which the free ethereal essence of space flows and materializes. It is an accidental and experimental stellar nucleus with properties like the stars, but abnormally located because it is the product of accidental and experimental, not scientific research.

It is such a quality of matter as to form a spigot, tapping the essence of ethereal space, thus transmuting the impalpable, non-material essence to its correlate and counterpartal substance. Matter and the correlate spirit of matter are the two qualities of substance that will ultimately be recognized and acknowledged as two distinct qualities of universal substance. Not until such recognition is accorded will there be a condition of the mind properly called scientific.

Science is knowledge, pure and simple; experimental investigation is neither science nor scientific, nor does it result in anything more than the blind gropings of the past, in which one hypothetical air castle has been tumbled down to give place to a more complicated, more doubtful, and more deceptive hallucination.

The phenomena of radium are the product of an incessant metamorphic activity, in which the processes

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of the materialization of the ethereal essence and the dematerialization of the matter thus partially formed are in constant progress.

Were its properties understood by the "scientific" world, there would be a still greater composite formula in the activities of the material basis of phenomena; and the result would be the tapping of the entire ether with such a resistance of the radiation mechanically contrived, as to create and materialize the entire metallic redundancy of the wealth of the solutions of space.

Ethereal space contains in solution all of the so called elements of matter in substantial but not in material quality. Ether is the product of the processes of metamorphic operations progressing at the two extremities of the cellular space, with intermediate extremities where there are in operation the materializing and dematerializing processes of Nature; hence the perpetuity of ether is maintained through the constant operation of its creation and its correlate rematerialization.

The ether of space, then, is but the product of the change of material substance to its opposite and counterpartal spiritual substance. With the proper spigot this space .can be tapped and its substance materialized at the will of the operator. Its attainment would not be experimental but absolutely scientific. The mechanical possibility would be the result of the application of inventive ingenuity, for it will require mechanical skill to reach the attainment of successfully tapping the universe of space, so as to pour out its metallic and mineral wealth for the uses of man kind.

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The world is but now upon the very verge of scientific discovery. Its methods will not be experimental and hypothetical. The time is at hand when the guesswork of the so called scientist will be out of vogue, and there will be substituted the more certain rational processes founded upon the absolute demonstration of the premise from which the reasoner superstructs his fabric.

Hypothesis can never furnish the would-be logician with the foundation for a rational conclusion not as hypothetical as the premise with which he started; nor can hypothesis ever furnish the basis for absolute knowledge. The scientist must not depend upon the primary guess for the solution of the mysteries of being. Guess at nothing. Prove the first demonstration. Let the premise upon which the reason progresses to the solution of the mysteries of life be absolute, not hypothetical; for hypothesis is the basis of all of the air castles which have been builded and overthrown as often as an independent thinker has launched himself upon the mystic deep of speculative navigation.

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