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The Only True Science Is Founded on a Demonstrated Premise

THE Copernican system of astronomy (built upon an hypothesis) seems to satisfy the minds which will not and cannot thing. The Koreshan Astronomy has its foundation on the rock. We present an experimental fact, the result of invention and months of

p. 122

careful labor by the Geodetic Staff of the Koreshan Unity, thus furnishing unquestionable proof of the Cellular Cosmogony advocated by the discoverer since 1870.

In view of the fact that the so called scientists declare "That hypothesis or guesswork, indeed, lies at the foundation of all scientific knowledge," we maintain the right to call a halt, while we declare from positive experiment . . . that the only true science is founded upon a demonstrated premise, and not upon an assumption or mere guesswork. We know we are right. We know, as well, that no man can guess at a premise and claim that he knows the conclusion reasonably; for it is admitted by all scientists that their premises are hypothetical.

It has been said that the man who cannot think is a fool; the man who will not think is a bigot; and the man who dares not think is a coward. It matters not to us what excuses are offered for ignoring us, . . . we can show to the people--by methods so simple that all can understand--that we are right, and that the astronomical guessers are wrong, and, through the common masses, compel the humbug scientists to admit their folly and blundering hypothetical processes.

Schiaparelli discovered seas, and also land covered with canals on Mars. More critical (?) observation may discover that the canals on Mars traverse the seas, and the scientist (?) changes the conclusion of yesterday to an opposite conclusion today. Yesterday he observed seas on Mars; but today what he declared to be water is land, because the Martian contractors have run the canals across what the other scientists (?) declared to be seas or oceans. Now we ask in

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good faith, Is this science (knowledge) or is it guesswork? Are these hypothetical conjurers, scientists or quacks? And we ask, How long must the world be gulled by the sham and nonsense of pretended experts in science?

We are absolutely sure of our ground; and we reiterate, that no man who builds a theory upon the basis of an hypothesis, and who declares that "hypothesis or guesswork, indeed, lies at the foundation of all scientific knowledge," has any reasonable claims to consideration. Guesswork is not science.

A statement made by a so called scientist today and contradicted tomorrow is not science; and yet this is the stuff that has been palmed off as scientific upon a credulous public for hundreds of years, and the men who have the audacity to eject these emanations are dubbed as scientists.

"I cannot see why the universe should be limited to a single cosmic cell. The analogy of cell structure in the human body, with groups co-ordinated in interdependent series, would seem to suggest a plurality of worlds, limited in number, and forming, in their serial aggregate, that larger cosmic structure which Swedenborg designated as the 'Grand Man.' Does the logic of your premise inexorably limit the universe to a single world?"

We are frequently met with the above inquiry. The cosmic cell, which we claim includes the universe, focalizes its universal imprint upon myriads of stellar points through the subtension of its pencilings of potency. These focal stellar nuclei are grouped in clusters according to the geometric action of reflection and refraction. These constellations, fixed in their positions and relations according to the "inexorable"

p. 124

laws of geometrization, correspond to nations and individuals of humanity; and in the lesser form of creation (the microcosm), to the arrangement of cells in the infolded or incubated form of the vidual.

Were the ordinary human form opened out or evolved into the form of the cosmic shell, as it is before incubation, it would be in the form of the grand cosmic structure, with its rind or circumference and its stellar groups, though in magnitude the correspondent of the microcosm or the little universe,--the universe in its least form.

Every star in the grand cell (the universe) is the imprint of the whole in proportion to its attitude toward all other stars, and is complete in proportion to its approximation to the astral nucleus. The stellar nucleus is the point at the center of the great camera obscura, where the photograph (light writing) is taken of the great shell and all contained in it.

As the astral center is the photograph of the alchemico-organic (physical) cosmos as an entirety, it is (in the least form) the kinetic nucleus of the essences of the cosmic structure, and therefore the point of both the inception and exception; that is, the point of the limitation of the afferent tendency, and beginning of the efferent flow, that is, of radiation.

Astral Nucleus of the Physical Cosmos an Eternally Fixed Point

This astral point is not the Lord God, but it is the point in the alchemico-organic whole which co-ordinates with and corresponds to the astral nucleus in humanity; that is, to the Lord. The astral nucleus is an eternally fixed point near the center of the alchemico-organic structure, because it is in and related to space.

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The corresponding stellar nucleus in humanity appears and disappears as the Lord, the Son of God, at stated periods of the world's progress. These changes of state with man correspond to the varied qualities of stellar nuclei in the space of the alchemico-organic cosmos.

When man attains to the perfection reached by the Lord Jesus, he is so related to all things in the natural and spiritual humanity as to render him as central to this whole as the astral (alchemico-organic) nucleus is central to the alchemico-organic cosmos. For this reason, when the crucifixion of the Lord obstructed the flow of the anthropostic nucleus, the current of the physical cosmos was interrupted and the sun was darkened.

A principal lesson is found here in the general law of astrology. The central man (the Lord Jesus Christ, the bright and Morning Star of the anthropostic cosmos) was so related to the central star of the alchemico-organic world as to interrupt its currents (its vibrations) when the current of his humanity was for the time being obscured.

Descending or Gravic, and Ascending or Levic Eliminations

In the Koreshan Cosmogony it is announced that immediately above our common atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen there obtains one of pure hydrogen. In the activities which comprise the life and perpetuity of that atmospheric field there are combinations of spirit and matter which, if not precipitated, would constitute deleterious elements. These are thrown down and at once appropriated by the field below.

The gravic (descending) essences produced by

p. 126

the contiguity of the hydrogen with the oxygen upon which it rests, unite in our own atmosphere with co-ordinate levic essences produced at the point of contact of our atmosphere with the surface upon which it rests.

The descending or gravic eliminations of the hydrogen sphere combine, in our atmosphere, with the levic eliminations of the surface below; and in the union of the two the cloud is formed and thence the water is produced, which, precipitated (dejected as water), clarifies the atmosphere and becomes a supporter of life in the field beneath. There is not a domain in existence, either in the alchemico-organic world or in the lower biologic, anthropostic, angelic, or theo-anthropostic, in which this law does not prevail and operate.

The hells themselves generate the forms of life they cannot endure, and spew them upward in their ascending flight to realms of joy above. Christ the Lord in his ascending development came from the hells, and was the first begotten of the dead; and when created, had he remained a tangible personality among the inhabitants of earth, would have done so as an effete element of the nether world, a cause of disintegration, a disease in the body politic and a disrupter of society; but being eliminated as an ejection from the sphere of brutality whence he arose, he operated as the conservator of the less brutal field of benign activity in his spiritual power.

Cosmogonical Limitations as to Time and Space

The physical universe is limited by virtue of the fact that an organic whole could not exist without all of the properties of form. The physical universe has

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form because it is a material structure governed by operations which have their co-ordinating influences at the central pole of regulation. One of the properties of form is limitation. Without limitation there could be no form of the universe.

Everything in the universe flows toward and into the center; and inversely, from the center into the circumference. These relative fluxions are mutual and compensative, and in their reciprocal interfluxions they maintain the equilibrium of the circulations of the universe, which makes it an eternal, self-recreative structure.

Time limitations are governed by definite cycles, which are determined by the solar, lunar, stellar, and planetary motions. All cycles are primarily determined by the momentum of the stellar nucleus, from which all other motions are derived. The momentum of all the operations and activities of the universe is imparted from the reactive forces of the stellar center, which derives its momentum from a continuous influx from the circumference, which is a complex and composite material form with a corresponding function.

The shell of this universe (which is sole and unique as the entire universal field of activity, and which constitutes being) is about one hundred miles thick, composed of seven outside metallic strata, superimposed upon which is an inner shell, rind, or crust of mineral layers, of which there are five; and upon this are the geologic strata. These seventeen layers or strata comprise the rind of the material universe, of which, in its involuntary and evolutionary processes, the perfect man is the highest power of development.

The universe has an anatomical structure like the anatomy of man, with the exception that with man

p. 128

the incubated form is manifest for the convenience of human activity and use. The incubated form of the universe is the form of man. This is the macro-cosmic man. The microcosm is the man in the least form of the universe.

Relation of Central Star to Circumferences

The motions of the universe, by which times are determined and perpetuated, depend upon the motions of the central star as related to the circumferences which reflect the forces which the central nucleus radiates. The rotation of the central star--which, because of its positive and negative reactions is forced into an excentric revolution, and thence into a spiral--determines first, day and night, and thence the seasons.

The seasons are produced by the spiral motion, which moves the astral nucleus or central star north and then south about forty-seven degrees; that is, twenty-three and a half degrees north and south of the equator. The cause of the motion is the reciprocal action of the inflowing essences of dematerialized matter, with a co-ordinating outflowing radiation reacting and from the rotary motion thus induced, merging into the spiral.

The electro-magnetic center is made to heap up within its helical cone of electro-magnetic essence, a surplus "energy" (rather electro-magnetic substance) until the motion toward the north, or toward the apex of the cone, is discharged into the solar zone. The star then starts backward toward its base of the conic helix, or toward the southern aspect of its motion. The helical motion thus engendered constitutes the eternal spiral momentum of the universe.

The precession of the equinoxes (which is about

p. 29

fifty seconds of a degree every year) determines one cycle, which is about twenty-four thousand years, because there are processes of the foreshortening of time which reduce what would otherwise be twenty-five thousand eight hundred and sixteen years, to the limit of twenty-four thousand years. This period of time carries the sign through all of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac, returning the sign to its own house (or to the constellation Aries) at the end of the twenty-four-thousand year period.

There is a co-ordinate movement of the ecliptic on the equator, which embraces a period of seventy-two thousand years; and one of the ecliptic on the solstitial colure, which embraces twelve distinct periods of twelve thousand years each, including in all a period of 144,000 thousand years.

These time periods on the solstitial colure are determined by catastrophal times, caused by a sudden movement of the ecliptic thirty degrees on the solstitial cycle. The world is now preparing for one of these movements. The one now impending will carry the ecliptic down to seven degrees below what is now the equator. The earth will be shortened in its longitudinal axis proportionably, and the sun will then become a zone encircling the earth, making light all of the time, modified by one half of the annulus being less bright than the other half. Then there will be no night, as Scripturally predicted.

There are twelve sudden movements on the colure (solstitial), one in twelve thousand years. These are all accompanied by universal catastrophes. One of these movements as noted above is almost due, and we are about entering upon one of the world's greatest phenomenal periods.

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