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The Kebra Nagast, by E.A. Wallis Budge, [1932], at

p. xxiv


1. The Manuscripts of the KEBRA NAGAST, &c.xxxi
2. Translation of the Arabic Versionxlvi
3. Legends of the Queen of SHEBA in the ḲUR’ÂNlxiii
4. Modern Legends of SOLOMON and the Queen of SHEBAlxvi
5. Summary of the Contents of the KEBRA NAGASTlxxi
1. The Glory of Kings1
2. The Greatness of Kings2
3. The Kingdom of ADAM3
4. Concerning Envy3
5. The Kingdom of SETH4
6. The Sin of CAIN4
7. NOAH5
8. The Flood5
9. The Covenant of NOAH6
10. Concerning ZION7
11. Declaration of the Three Hundred and Eighteen Orthodox Fathers8
14. The Covenant of ABRAHAM10
15. ISAAC and JACOB12
16. REUBEN12
17. The Glory of ZION13
18. The Agreement of the Orthodox Fathers and Bishops15
19. The Discovery of the Book KEBRA NAGAST16
20. The Division of the Earth16
21. The Queen of the South16
22. TÂMRÎN, the Merchant17
p. xxv
23. The Return of TÂMRÎN to ETHIOPIA19
24. The Queen of ETHIOPIA prepares for her Journey to JERUSALEM21
25. The Queen of ETHIOPIA comes to SOLOMON the King23
26. The Conversation of SOLOMON with the Queen of ETHIOPIA25
27. SOLOMON and the Workman26
28. SOLOMON'S Instructions to the Queen28
29. The Three Hundred and Eighteen Patriarchs—Narrative of SOLOMON and the Queen—continued31
30. SOLOMON'S Oath to the Queen of ETHIOPIA33
31. SOLOMON'S Sign to the Queen of ETHIOPIA37
32. The Queen brings forth her son BAYNA-LEḤKEM37
33. BAYNA-LEḤKEM sets out for JERUSALEM39
34. BAYNA-LEḤKEM arrives in GAZA41
35. SOLOMON makes BAYNA-LEḤKEM Captain of his Host43
36. SOLOMON'S Conversation with BAYNA-LEḤKEM46
37. SOLOMON questions his son BAYNA-LEḤKEM49
38. SOLOMON decides to send BAYNA-LEḤKEM away with the eldest sons of his nobles51
39. BAYNA-LEḤKEM (i.e. MENYELEK) is anointed King of ETHIOPIA, and is called DAVID (II)53
40. ZADOK'S Commands to DAVID (II)54
41. The blessing of Kings56
42. The Ten Commandments58
43. The Priests and Officials of the Court of DAVID (II) in ETHIOPIA61
44. The King must not be reviled64
45. The Sons of the Nobles who are to go to ETHIOPIA make a plot66
46. The Plot to steal the Tabernacle of ZION from the Temple in JERUSALEM68
47. The Offering of AZARIAH and the King70
48. How they stole the Tabernacle of ZION71
49. How SOLOMON blessed his son DAVID (II)72
p. xxvi
50. The farewell of DAVID (II) to his father, and the grief of the people73
51. SOLOMON bids ZADOK fetch the covering of the Tabernacle of ZION75
52. ZADOK gives DAVID (II) the covering of the Tabernacle of ZION76
53. The Gift of the Wagon of ZION to ETHIOPIA78
54. How DAVID (II) prophesied and saluted ZION80
55. How the People of ETHIOPIA Rejoiced82
56. ZADOK the Priest discovers that the Tabernacle of ZION has been stolen84
57. The Swooning of ZADOK the Priest86
58. How SOLOMON rose up to slay them86
59. SOLOMON arrives in EGYPT and questions the EGYPTIANS88
60. SOLOMON'S Lament for the Tabernacle of ZION89
62. SOLOMON'S Resignation to the Will of God99
63. The Elders accept SOLOMON'S View and decide to keep the theft of ZION a secret100
64. SOLOMON marries an Egyptian Princess102
65. The Sin of SOLOMON104
66. SOLOMON a prototype of CHRIST105
67. The Death Lament of SOLOMON107
68. The Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Salvation110
69. The Conversation of SOLOMON with the Angel concerning CHRIST114
70. The Reign of REHOBOAM117
71. The Virgin Mary, the daughter of DAVID121
72. The King of RÔMÊ (CONSTANTINOPLE)121
73. ’ADRÂMÎ, the son of SOLOMON, becomes King of RÔMÊ125
74. The King of MEDYÂM, a descendent of SHEM126
75. The King of BABYLON, a descendent of SHEM127
p. xxvii
76. NEBUCHADNEZZAR, the son of KARMÎN, a descendent of SHEM128
77. The King of PERSIA, a descendent of TAMAR133
78. The King of MOAB, a descendent of LOT135
79. The King of AMALEK, a descendent of LOT136
80. The King of PHILISTIA, a descendent of SAMSON137
81. How AKAMḤÊL, the son of SAMSON, slew ṬEBRÊLÊS, the son of the King of the PHILISTINES139
82. ABRAHAM'S journey into EGYPT141
83. The King of the ISHMAELITES144
84. How BAYNA-LEḤKEM (DAVID II) returned to ETHIOPIA144
85. How Queen MÂKĔDÂ rejoiced at his coming145
86. How Queen MÂKĔDÂ made her son King of ETHIOPIA146
87. How the Ethiopian Nobles swore fidelity to him147
88. BAYNA-LEḤKEM describes to his Mother his anointing as King150
89. Queen MÂKĔDÂ'S Address to the ISRAELITES in ETHIOPIA152
90. How AZARIAH praised the Queen and her Royal City155
91. Regulations about Meats, clean and unclean159
92. How the Kingdom of BAYNA-LEḤKEM (DAVID II) was established in ETHIOPIA162
93. How the Men of RÔMÊ (BYZANTIUM) destroyed the Faith163
94. The first war of BAYNA-LEḤKEM (DAVID II)165
95. How the Authority of BAYNA-LEḤKEM was universally accepted167
96. The Prophecies concerning CHRIST170
97. The Murmuring of the ISRAELITES against MOSES and AARON174
98. The Rod of MOSES and the Rod of AARON177
99. Parable of the Two Slaves, i.e. the Devil and ADAM183
100. How the Angels rebelled against God when He created ADAM184
101. Concerning Him that existeth in everything190
102. The Beginning191
p. xxviii
103. The Horns of the Altar and their significance195
104. The Ark of NOAH and the Talk of the Wicked196
105. The belief of ABRAHAM200
106. A prophecy concerning the Coming of CHRIST201
107. CHRIST'S glorious entrance into JERUSALEM209
108. The Wickedness of the Jews211
109. The Crucifixion213
110. The Resurrection215
111. The Ascension of CHRIST and His Second Coming216
112. The Prophets as prototypes of CHRIST218
113. The Chariot and the Vanquisher of the Enemy221
114. The Return of ZION223
115. The Judgement of ISRAEL224
116. The Chariot of ETHIOPIA225
117. The King of RÔMÊ and the King of ETHIOPIA225